small river - small roach
Small river - small roach
Report on winter fishing for bait fish (roach) for a predator in Komino on Malaya Kokshaga. Sometimes, in the midst of catching a predator on the first ice and generally at the beginning of the ice season, the problem is not in the absence of pike grabs, but in the capture of an ordinary medium-sized fish - roach or perch, although roach, of course, is preferable
sliding float - some features
Sliding float - some features
What to do so that the sliding float does not get tangled up, some market novelties (in general form) have been taken into account. Many novice fishermen with some misunderstanding and some hopelessness look at the bursts of fish, which can not get in any way tackle. This is especially true for those of them who catch float tackle
asp at the custodian
The asp at the custodian
The article talks about the use of castmaster when fishing for asp. Why are masters considered asp bait, how can this bait be held? All this is stated in the article. Castmaster The castmaster has long been chubby bait, although it did not have such a name. Even our ancestors successfully used nuts and pipe segments to catch the "river horse"
how to tie an "asymmetric loop"
How to tie an "asymmetric loop"
Production of feeder mounting "asymmetric loop". Today, classic feeder mounts are used not only in feeder fishing. Often, such snap-ins are also used when fishing on ordinary donks. One of the most popular feeder mounts is the asymmetric loop. As its name implies, its prototype is a symmetrical loop
catching spring perch
Catching spring perch
One of the most affordable fish for fishing is perch. However, getting a striped robber is not easy. You can learn about the features of spring perch fishing from this article. Perch is one of the few species of fish that feeds year-round. Thanks to the striped robbers, fishermen can hone their skills both in open water and when snuggled from ice
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Plumb baubles in summer
I have repeatedly said that I often use summer gear in the winter, and winter bait in the summer. So, one of the most fascinating ways to fish for a predator is sheer baubles. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to put a baubles or a balancer. Depending on the fishing conditions, experience, and just desire and experiment, such baits can be: mormyshka, spinners, twister or any silicone bait, even some wobblers and turntables, you can even take the Devon
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Winter Fishing Bait
In winter, fishermen use a not very rich assortment of baits and baits, however, sometimes completely exotic baits are used, which somehow do not fit into the usual layout of fishing lures. These are either silicone imitations of living worms, bloodworms and maggots, which are copies of living worms, or rubber creatures completely unlike anything invented by the intricate specialists of fishing companies