roach on a small river: gear, baits, fishing time
Roach on a small river
What home-made gear do I use for bottom roach fishing on small rivers in summer. What nozzles bites roach. In what weather is its bite activated. Small rivers are secretive and rather capricious in biting, which is associated with seasonal changes and fish caution in a narrow channel, where up to the catch point there can be only five to seven meters
finding a place to catch pike
Finding a place to catch pike
The article tells how to correctly determine the place of fishing and choose an artificial bait. How the artificial bait is selected based on the conditions of the reservoir. If you find yourself in an unknown reservoir, you should pay attention to the following signs that will help determine if there is fish here or not
on a ball of brown bread
On a lump of brown bread
On autumn fishing, spring and experiments with a nozzle, which can be useful at the end of the water season, are often remembered. So, that spring I discovered an excellent ide nozzle, although I knew it before, but did not use it for large fish. So how was it In the morning it pecked. Here is another bite
roach cutlets, chebak
Cutlets from roach, chebak
Recipe for fresh river fish cutlets. If luck smiled and the fish catch exceeded expectations, then you can please the family with delicious and very tender river fish cutlets. For cutlets you will need: river fish, chebak, roach and other, about 2 kg; bulb 1 - 2; pork fat 100.0 g; salt; pepper; breadcrumbs for breading; oil 100
scammers choose semolina and bread
Spoilers choose semolina and bread
A crumb or crust of bread can be the best nozzle. Scavengers and roaches are taken for bread until the fall, including the “Indian summer” period. This small reservoir is located near the city and was dug by a dredger in the channel of Malaya Kokshagi, more precisely next to the channel, and then, apparently, was connected to the river by small channels. Al
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Spinning in the spring
Spring still breathes cold. In the mornings, grass turns gray with hoarfrost, coastal sand grabbed by ice crust crunches underfoot. And then suddenly a long bad weather with drizzling rains will pull from the north with cold winds, when puffy clouds hang above the ground, and gusts of an icy wind wrinkle water
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DIY mini feeder
The article describes a homemade mini feeder (with a short fishing rod). Such a feeder is compact and universal, which does not exclude its success. Despite the excellent characteristics and external signs of a well-known brand, branded fishing rods in some cases are quite awkward. This applies to fishing on small rivers, especially overgrown with bushes and trees along the banks, whose branches are located above the coastline