fishing pasta - how to cook, how to plant, which fish to catch
Macaroni for fishing
Macaroni for fishing, in the article I will tell you how I cook them, how I plant them and whether it is possible to flavor them. All based on my experience of fishing for pasta. In this short article I want to talk about a simple and affordable nozzle for fishing like pasta, which any of us can get, cook it correctly, but if you're lucky, go fishing normally, while feeling a pleasant weight on the hook
about match fishing in detail
About match fishing in detail
Match rig loading. What not to do in match fishing. Features match rods. Coils for the match. Differences and marking match woods. Match floats. The popularity of match fishing. Why do you need a match fishing rod when there is a flywheel? Fly fishing rod - proven and successful tackle. It accounts for the bulk of the caught fish
drop-shot equipment - installation and fishing technique, nuances
Drop-shot equipment - installation and fishing technique
Drop shot equipment, how to assemble and how to fish? Where do they catch drop shots? Nuances of installation. What fish bite? Game gear. Literally this year, I again returned to such an interesting way of catching pike and perch as drop-shot (aka drop-shot, drop-shot). The method is interesting in that it allows fishing both from the shore and from the boat, in shallow areas and in depth, in clear water, and in strong places where fishing is difficult in principle (but it is known that it is in such places Krupnyak)
equipping rubber baits with threads
Threading rubber baits
Sometimes, such a bait works quite well and shows normal results. I like silicone baits, because you can not only catch them, immediately get them out of the fishing bag, but you can also make hundreds of manipulations, thanks to which the baits acquire new characteristics. In literature and on the Internet, craftsmen didn’t write anything, but how much more will be written ..
reach the crucian trail
Reach the crucian trail
Report on fishing on a crucian pond near the city. “How to Reach the Crucian Trail” Karasi ... These wide and strong fishes with dense scales and rippled fins have always been a welcome prey, since childhood even. The first fish were caught in a small pond-puddle and therefore were also smaller than the palm. Bu
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Roach in spring
Spring is the most fertile time for catching large roach on small rivers. Even the smallest rivulet, almost a stream, can become a place where the bites of red-eyed beauties with a pound and a half in weight are not episodic, but massive. The quivertypes of feeders, various donks and bells of the most primitive snacks can flutter and ring from the sharp bites of spring roach, which lifts all these rivers and streams to the upper reaches
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Fishermen come to the banks of the forest river
Fishing overnight. Description of the methods of fishing by two enthusiastic fishermen in a forest river and their habitat in the bosom of Nature. The subject of interest is ide, chub, bream. A spring morning on the banks of a wild forest river greeted us with bird polyphony in the patriarchal silence of the forest