inertial coil
Inertial coil
Today, spinning fishing is very popular. Lovers of spinning can be found on large lakes and small rivers, almost throughout the year. And it is no secret that most spinningists will have an inertia-free coil that is usual for our time. Earlier, about 30 years ago, a non-inertia reel was the dream of any fisherman
soft pike lures
Soft bait for pike fishing
The article describes the advantages of soft spinning lures for pike fishing, the features of their application in different places of fishing. Today soft baits are widely used for pike fishing. They have one very important advantage over wobblers, oscillators and turntables - low price. They can be used in fishing places where the fisherman will simply regret throwing other types of bait
to catch zander on a jig - ways, lures, fishing spots
Catch zander on a jig
How to catch zander on a jig. What lures do they use? What methods of posting are used by fishermen. Where are the best places for fishing zander. Autumn, spring and summer. Jigging for zander is classic and traditional, especially in the spring and autumn predator zhor, when the largest specimens are often caught
homemade bait
Homemade bait
The main ingredients of homemade bait. The article describes the main components of homemade bait, describes each ingredient, explains its role in bait. Homemade baits often help the fisherman by attracting fish to the place of fishing. Many anglers use store bait because They doubt that they can make a working mixture with their own hands
spring chub on a small river
Chub in the spring on a small river
The article talks about catching a chub in the spring on a small river. What fishing methods are popular among fishermen, how to behave on a small river for a fisherman? About this and much more in this article. A visit to a small river in the spring to catch a chub can end in a complete fiasco or a rich catch
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Spinning fishing for zander
Catching zander for spinning, the article provides a description of catching zander for jig, foam rubber, spinnerbait. We will also talk about which spinning to choose and fishing tactics. This predator, especially the large one, is a dream and an iconic fish for a seasoned spinning player and a beginner
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Garmin GPSMAP 66st
The new Garmin GPSMAP 66st navigator, a detailed description. What are its differences from the previous Garmin GPSMAP 64. When will it go on sale. In specialized stores, new models of navigators will soon appear, adding to the family of the best-selling and currently popular Garmin devices from the series of portable GPS navigators, which are designed for hiking and fishing trips for a long time and in extreme conditions, GPSmap 66st