Features of pike fishing in the fall

The choice of spinning and snap. Tips for choosing lures. What bait should be paid attention in the first place.

It hardly gets colder, the activity of fish, including predators, increases. During this period, the inhabitants of the underwater world are concerned only with one thing - to have time to gain fat before winter cold. And each of the fish does this in its own way. The pike actively eats, eating any small fish, up to a prickly perch. Therefore, it often comes across various artificial baits. During this period, the pike moves to deeper places and is caught more often on the bottom wiring. Often used and stepped wiring with dragging a heavy oscillating baubles or jig bait on the bottom, sometimes with a short pause, sometimes by specially delaying the pause. These techniques often provoke the pike to attack more actively than uniform wiring at the bottom. But even in autumn, on warm sunny days, the pike often “beats” on grassy shallows where a silver fish gathers. Such exits to shallow waters occur only in the late morning and in the middle of the day, when the fish trifle comes out to bask in the sun.

Spinning and rigging

Spinning and rigging in the autumn period should be more powerful, because in contrast to the hot summer period, the predator is already active and furious on the hook. The spinning form must comply with the fishing conditions, that is, its length is selected for coastal fishing or for fishing from a boat. In the first case, you can use a fishing rod with a length of 2.4 meters or a little more, and for fishing from a boat a spinning rod 2 meters long is suitable. Test indicators of such a rod should correspond to the weight and size of the lures, that is, be in the range of 20-50 grams. This is for reservoirs. On small rivers, the test can run up to a maximum of 25 grams. Since heavy large baits are used in the fall, and the depth of penetration can reach 6-8 meters, it is better to choose a form with a fast or medium-fast formation, that is, relatively hard.


The same goes for coils. Its formula should be no less than 3000, and the traction mechanism is equipped with 4 bearings at least. Spool is better to put metal. It is desirable to equip it with a braided cord with a diameter of 0.14-0.16 mm, depending on fishing conditions. The use of monofilament fishing line also takes place, but its diameter should be at least 0.25-0.3 mm. And here you should not save on the price of fishing line. It is better to take the product of Japanese companies, so as not to lose a trophy copy of pike, which is the largest in autumn.


A metal leash is included in the mandatory set of tooling elements, otherwise gatherings of mining may become the rule. With the activity of the autumn pike, it will not be difficult for her to cut or kill the leash from the fishing line, even if it is a thick fluorocarbon. Commonly used are titanium, tungsten, steel leads. Often used twisting of steel wire or the same guitar string. This is usually the first string of a musical instrument. It is advisable to use stainless crown. Otherwise, a ring susceptible to corrosion can fail at the most crucial moment.

What lures to choose

As a rule, in the autumn period, all predators choose a larger prey for themselves than in the summer. Affects the high activity and greed of the predator. Therefore, the largest and heaviest baits are also used at this time. Often a wobbler sticking out of a maw’s mouth is slightly smaller than the aggressor himself.

First of all, you should pay attention to the fluctuating lure

This is the most common and successful fall bait. In the fall, shakers are used even up to 12 cm long and weighing 20-30 grams. And among the most successful, of course, the Finnish Kuusamo and Rapala can be distinguished. Among domestic oscillating lures, unpretentious atoms are often leading. And more often heavy home-made products are used. The colors of colors and coatings depend on weather conditions. White silver spinners work better on a cloudy day. Colored lures with brass or copper tops and black spinners are used on a sunny day.

Wobblers are also used large, not less than 9 cm long, and more often more. At the same time, short rolls are used in parallel and successfully. But minnow wobblers are more effective during this period.

Silicone baits and foam fish on flexible couplings and offset hooks out of competition on deep autumn pits and eyebrows. Texas equipment prevails here and outperforms the usual jig head.