Carolina snap

Caroline accessories, how and from what to assemble? Where and whom to catch? Options with bait. Mandatory elements in the Carolina snap.

In the articles, I have repeatedly paid attention to the universal qualities of silicone baits. But the way it is, if you think about it. Perch and pike, pike perch and catfish perfectly go to silicone, and if you get used to it, you can also chub, especially in the spring. In addition, silicone baits are perfectly caught from the bottom (this is their main purpose), but they are no less actively used when fishing from the surface. The abundance of forms of silicone baits is simply amazing, any fisherman can choose a bait for every taste: both in form and in terms of color shades. Well, if you want to do something your own - no problem. It is enough to warm up the silicone, firmly press the desired areas to each other and in front of you is a completely new bait.

So, we noted above that silicone baits can be caught in different conditions. And if you still unhook the saddle out of the bait, then in general simply unimaginable opportunities open up. One of the most interesting silicone baits, which the predator perfectly goes to from the bottom, is a silicone worm . We will not describe this bait in detail here, we will only say that the worm can be made in different colors, different lengths and diameters. What to choose, the fisherman decides.

Silicone worm

A much more interesting way to mount a silicone worm. In most cases, the worm is placed on a regular jig-head. But, as practice shows, this type of installation is not the best for this bait. See for yourself, the worm is a fairly long bait, and the hook of the jig head reaches 1/3 of the bait at best. Offset hook, the forend of which can have a very different length, has long been generally accepted when equipping a silicone worm. We told in past articles about what to plant a silicone worm on a ring and how to do it (and most importantly, why). Well, now I’d like to say just a few words about such an interesting tackle, about the installation method, as Caroline equipment.

Carolina snap this

This type of installation of a silicone worm (by the way, it’s possible to install twisters as well, which gives the game some special flavor) has been known in our country for a long time. The general meaning and concept are reduced to the fact that the worm itself is installed on the offset, making it out of bait or unhooking or performing any other type of installation, the offset is attached to a leash with a length of 50-70 centimeters (the longer the leash, the better, but it will be more difficult to cast, especially if the banks are in bushes or bulrushes), and the leash is attached to the main fishing line by means of a swivel, above which there is a bead and a sinker-bullet, or olive (variations are possible here).

So, first on the appointment of a leash

When a predator is inactive or cautious, he is extremely attentive to everything, the fishermen call this condition of the fish in one word - “harmful”. This is expressed in the fact that the fish may either not manifest itself at all, or it will hold the bait, but will not take it. So, a silicone worm on a leash creates an illusion of complete naturalness during posting (you can use stepwise wiring, and wiggling, dragging along the bottom to raise dregs, jerking at the bottom with pauses, etc.). After all, the weight is located at a considerable distance from the bait itself and attracts less attention. In addition, such tackle collects grass less, since the main “blow" falls on the "bullet". The diameter of the fishing line of the leash can be different, it all depends on the fishing conditions. In our practice, we use leashes no thicker than 0.3 mm . Now, hopefully, it is clear why a longer leash is preferable.

Bead in a Caroline snap

A mandatory element in the Carolina snap is a bead, the main purpose of which is to prevent a sinker from hitting a knot on a swivel. Since the sinker glides over the fishing line, is constantly in motion, touching the bead, all this creates an additional noise, which also attracts fish. There are frequent cases when a predator can attack not the bait itself, in this case the worm, but it is a sinker. If fishing is conducted from the bottom, it feels like a sharp blow, which is accompanied by a short pull to the side. Most often, such a bite ends in a cliff, of course, we are not talking about any productive hooking.

Carolina fishing in difficult places

It is very interesting to catch Caroline equipment in difficult places. With proper wiring, the bait begins to freeze in the water column, gently sinks to the bottom, while mounting on the offset does not allow gear to catch on driftwood or stones. And it is known that it is in such places that pike often live.

Carolina rig with foam fish

Fishing on Carolina equipment is very interesting, where instead of a silicone worm or a twister, the most ordinary foam rubber is installed. The main thing here is to set the hooks in the foam foam in such a way as to make an unlinked out of this type of bait. This is achieved by pressing the hooks to the body of the bait.

The wiring method is the same: jerking and pausing, jigging, dragging along the bottom, sharp jerks. With all this, the foam rubber fish will always tend to go up. In this sense, carolina is interesting in that you can seduce an attack on a very sluggish fish. That is, to make only short oscillatory movements, the sinker will go up to 30-50 centimeters of distance at the bottom in one jerk with a spinning rod, and the foam, in turn, is tempting to win back from the bottom, not completely falling to the last.


A lot has been written about carolina, we also considered it necessary to briefly tell you that you can catch this tackle, and sometimes very successfully. Well, as always, we note that there is no perfect gear, everything needs to be tried. There are cases that in the same body of water, even during the day, the situation changes literally “180” degrees.

And yet, the Carolina rig is the simplest, from a technical point of view, "type of bait installation, which is accessible even to beginner fishermen. In financial terms, fishing for carolina does not require any special gear - everything can be purchased at any fishing store for a nominal fee, which, you see, is important.

So, study, try and all the best to you.