How to Cook Smoked Fish Quickly

The article describes the cooking of hot smoked fish quickly and without smokehouse.

Sometimes it is necessary to quickly cook hot-smoked fish for the festive table. What is so complicated and unusual? You can take a smokehouse designed for smoking fish at home, pour a couple of spoons of dry alder sawdust on a stand, string on salted and slightly dried fish carcasses with sharp skewers, put the remaining fish on the wire rack, cover the smokehouse with the casing, tighten the lock nut and put the smokehouse on fire . In an hour, the fish is ready ...

Everything is correct. This is also a good and probably the best way to smoke fish in a city apartment. So everything is usually done, if such a home smokehouse is at hand, and sawdust has been prepared in advance. But what to do when there is no smokehouse, and there is a good-quality and oily gourmet fish, which could make an excellent product for any feast, holiday table or cold beer, finally? ..

You can go the way also simple and almost not expensive, except for the cost of fish. However, this cooking method is also suitable for catching a fisherman who, for example, has caught, for example, a small pike or a few scammers on a nearby river. Then the costs will only ... However - everything is in order.

So, in this case there is chum salmon fish, tender, oily, rather large. This is not pink salmon, most likely caught somewhere in the Far East after spawning, exhausted and fat-free, brought over thousands of kilometers, several times thawed and frozen, common for ordinary our shops. No, large and fat chum salmon, which has a bright red flesh soaked in fat, is cut into slices here. Since the sliced ​​fish slices are too large, you can divide them into two parts. Fish is salted with Extra fine salt. Usually, traditional salting of fish is produced by the largest salt, which, as it were, draws excess moisture. But this is when the fish goes to the pickle. Here we need quick salting, the time of which is reduced to thirty minutes. However, you can not wait at all when the fish is saturated with salt, but immediately lower it into liquid smoke. If you do not need a strong smell and taste of smoked fish, then it is enough to get wet each slice with a swab dipped in liquid smoke. This is enough for the finished fish to have a pleasant taste and smell of hot smoked fish.

You can immediately place the prepared fish on the grill, which is included in the oven, and place a baking sheet from the same oven kit under the grill. This is necessary so that fat and juice do not drain onto the oven body, but onto a baking sheet, which is then much easier to wash. Now we need to decide which fish we need, slightly dried or soft and tender ">

In order for the fish to be slightly dried as a result of cooking, it must be left on the grill the night before the festive event. It is better if the place is dry and warm. During the night, the fish will dry and in the morning it can be placed in the oven for an hour, no more. And the result will be a delicious fish for a cold beer ... It is only advisable to slightly crush it before serving it with beer. But you can not test the patience of the guests, but eat it when it cools down a little.

If you need a soft and tender fish, then immediately after salting - into the oven! .. After an hour, the fish can already be served as a snack on the festive table.

But this is the same liquid smoke that is called a surrogate, a fake for a natural product, it’s chemistry, carcinogens, you say. According to manufacturers, liquid smoke is made on the basis of natural alder smoke by some complex sublimation and is not a product of modern chemistry. And there are enough carcinogens in natural smoke obtained by burning alder, apple or other sawdust, which are used for smoking. It is not for nothing that smoked foods are not recommended to be eaten too often. And for people with diseases of the digestive system, liver and kidneys, these products are generally contraindicated.

So cook boldly delicious fish in this quick and easy way. And Bon Appetit!