Baitcasting Reel for Beginners

Decided to purchase a baitcasting reel? They began to collect information, but it turned out to be fragmented and sometimes contradictory? Hence a number of questions.

Is it really possible to "catch" a type of "soap box" to catch from the shore with light baits ">

It’s real to catch, but the casting distance with the “inertialess” will still be somewhat larger, all other things being equal. This is especially true for voluminous sailing lures and fishing in strong winds. It is significant that in the West, the "mult" is rarely used in coastal fishing for light baits with a claim to distant casting. In addition, the multiplier tackle requires a "school of a young fighter, " that is, considerable time to master the basic technique.

Which coil is the most optimal: a “soap dish” or a classic, but small in size?

The smallest multiplier reels from the Shimano Calcutta line can quite successfully cast baits weighing 5 g, that is, those with which the average "soap box" begins to work. But nevertheless, in a light tackle the “soap box” is more justified, because the forest laying machine is farther from the spool than the barrel, and this gives less friction when the cord runs off at the time of casting, which is most important for light baits.

What should be a multiplier (preferably not very expensive) so that a beginner can use it?

The price of the animator is weakly related to the convenience or inconvenience of its use for beginners. For example, such a very inexpensive model as Banax Tova, which was produced until recently, is often recommended by many as a “cartoon” from which you could start mastering fishing with casting tackle. But there is one subtlety: with insufficient skill of use, you should first pay attention to those models where the braking control is brought out. In "cartoons" with a magnetic system, this is always the case. Adjustment of centrifugal brakes happens both external, and internal. If a beginner "multovik" has, for example, to alternate casts in the wind and against, it is advisable to adjust the braking each time. It is clear that it is more convenient to do this when you do not need to remove the side cover.

Is spooling necessary for a multiplier reel and what is the optimal amount of fishing line?

If the amount of the main line is not enough to fill the entire volume of the spool, then backing is definitely needed. Usually on the spool, near its upper edge, there is a chamfer located at an angle of approximately 45 ° to the wall of the spool. The normal fill level is up to this bevel. If the level is much lower, the casting range will be noticeably shorter.

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