Pike activity after the first ice

Experienced bailers successfully catch pike for tricks throughout the ice season. How and for what? What lures and fishing techniques are used.

It is generally accepted that pike fishing from ice on artificial baits is successful only in the ice. This is partly true, since the pike at this time takes on baubles and balance weights no worse than live bait, and sometimes better. But soon, with reliable ice freezing, pike grabs for bait become less and less. The predator now prefers live fish on the tee. Meanwhile, experienced bailers successfully catch pike for deceit the entire ice season, using attractive for predator baits and fishing techniques that are most effective for a given time. How and what? .. This will be discussed.

"Pike does not take on baubles in the middle of winter" - a delusion!

In many respects, the failures of anglers and the conclusions that the pike do not take on baubles in the middle of winter are associated with a poor selection of lures. Usually these are several narrow winter baits with a single soldered hook, which they try to catch all winter without taking into account the characteristics of each of its periods. Meanwhile, for fishing from the ice, you can very successfully use the vibrating summer spinners, especially if fishing is not done at great depths.

Oscillating Lures for Winter Pike Fishing

They play great, making planning moves away from the axis of the hole. If weighted narrow baubles at an average depth with an ax fall down, then the oscillators manage to make a lot of agile and quick movements during the fall to the bottom, resembling a frolic fish. This waddle game is performed by a good branded lure always predictable and repeatable, which leads to guaranteed bites . These lures include the famous Kuusamo lures . Also, ordinary oscillating baubles, able to play without a break in a tailspin and repeatable-reliable to some even monotony, may well become catchy lures. But here a short and rather sharp swing of the rod is required, in which the bait will play for a long time and with a wide amplitude. It is important not to rush to raise the baubles and pause, as the lures fluctuate for a long time at the bottom. Often on these decaying movements and grip follows. Sometimes even spinning the lure around its axis can be considered a bait game. To accurately determine the catchy pause of the bait, you need to test before fishing in any open pond or, in the worst case, in the bath.

Often, a technique happens when the bait does not rise from the selected level, but directly from the bottom. The rise should be relatively short and sharp. Bites often follow during the fall of the bait to the bottom.

Used oscillators and when fishing in stony places

But here lure-free hooks are used. Moreover, their use is more appropriate than fishing with ordinary spinners with constant grabs and bouncing them off the snags with a massive cut-off. Usually, this ends with the fish just moving away, and the spinner may not come off.

Winter pike on rattlin

Recently, another successful bait has appeared. This is rattlin. She plays very well and attracts fish also with the sound background that the balls emit in the body of the bait. The rattlins suspended by the back scour from side to side, provoking a predator to a grip.

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Ice wobblers

Ice wobblers, for example, Salmo, are similar to rattlins. Their difference from rattlin baits lies in the forward center of gravity, which creates a unique game with going far away from the axis of the hole. These lures catch pike very well during sluggish biting.

Deep fishing lures

Rapala 7-11 cm balancers, heavy vibrating baits, coddling trihedrals, deep rattlins and castmaster, which are universally used in summer and winter, will be more suitable for glittering in deep places . In addition to Rapal's balancers, seven-centimeter Lucky John are also popular. These baits are distinguished by good hook quality, natural color and versatility when they are equally excitedly caught by both pike and perch, which can diversify fishing during a sluggish biting pike.

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Overview of fishing lures and equipment for the winter season

Spinner Castmaster

Pike loves a monotonous game

Catching pike on artificial baits is much easier than catching capricious zander. Pike is not demanding on the game of spinners and balancers, preferring even a somewhat simplified and monotonous game. Usually it looks like this: the bait rises from the bottom by 30-40 cm, and then drops down and a pause is counted at the bottom within 5-7 seconds. Typical this way of playing can only change somewhat with different baits and fishing conditions, but in general there is only one scheme.

Color pike spinners in winter

At the same time, the pike is very sensitive to the color, shape and coloring of the selected bait . The most successful will be a snag, which is as close as possible by all conditions to the main food object of a predator in this reservoir. Usually these are perch sailors and roaches. So the bait should most resemble these fish.