Carp fishing spot

The article talks about how to correctly determine the location of carp fishing. What places on the pond are the most promising for carp fishing. What time of the day is carp caught best.

Carp is found in many rivers and lakes in our country, which explains the popularity of carp fishing. Carp activity is observed throughout the year, with the exception of deaf winter, which falls in mid-January, and spawning, which begins in mid-May and continues until early June. Carp pecks most effectively in the spring, starting in April (read During this period, carp can be successfully caught using only baits of animal origin (bloodworms, worms, maggots).

Closer to spawning, the carp becomes inactive, and during spawning, it ceases to feed at all, beakless continues throughout the spawning period and about a week after its end.

From mid-June, carp begins to swim actively in the reservoir in search of food, and it is at this time that its fishing begins. He can peck throughout the daylight hours, but activity will depend on weather conditions (wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, etc.). Carp is best caught at sunset until 11 p.m., and at dawn, starting at 4 a.m. Under the cover of night, the carp can swim in the shallows to the coastal zone, so if you decide to go fishing at night, it is important to keep the maximum silence on the shore after throwing gear.

In the morning, large carps again leave for their pits, where they remain standing until nightfall. During the day, the main trophy becomes small, weighing up to three kilograms of carps, which can be caught on baits of both plant and animal origin, using float fishing rods or long-range casting gear. However, if the place of fishing is correctly selected and lured, there is a high probability of capture and carp, which after a night bite went to rest in the pits.

A very important point on which to stop and consider in detail.

So, setting off to choose a place for carp fishing, you must immediately look at two sites located one from another at a distance of at least 50 meters.

The first place is selected for fishing during the day, the second, respectively, for night fishing for carp. Why equip two places?

The thing is that in the process of fishing for carp, especially large ones, a lot of noise will be created, because of which other individuals, frightened, can move away from the feeding place. That's why it is recommended to equip the second place, which immediately after catching the carp with all or part of the gear will be able to go and continue fishing. During the absence, the carp will calm down and again approach the area where on the eve of fishing a sufficient amount of feed was thrown into the water.

It is not difficult to determine the parking of the carp, just observe the surface of the reservoir

Air bubbles rising from the depths will indicate where the carp are currently feeding. You can also determine the location of the fish by the bursts. Promising places for carp fishing can be not only areas with deep holes, but also places where there are trees in the water or flooded stumps and roots or piles. In a word - any loaded place on a reservoir where the depth exceeds two meters can be one of the places where it will be possible to successfully catch carp, both during the day and night.