Roach in winter

In addition to perch and the ubiquitous ruff, roach is the third most widespread and important fish for winter anglers. Roach is capricious, and this is expressed in the fact that there are situations when everything indicates that there should be a bite, but there is no bite. And vice versa: it seems that the weather has changed, the wind has changed direction - just those signs that indicate that you can sit out at home, but the roach suddenly begins to actively eat and nibble. In addition, roach can be taken both from the bottom and in the middle layers of water, and during periods of the most active bite, roach often pecks literally from under the ice edge.

Given the fact that roaches are omnivorous, it becomes clear that there is no definite bait for this fish, but the following are most common: bloodworms, Chernobyl, maggot (for fishing roaches on Chernobyl and other “special” baits, read here). Like most of our fish, roach inhabit many water bodies: it can be found on large lakes, on reservoirs, on small rivers. Well, of course, roach can reach trophy sizes, although in the catch of most fishermen there are specimens up to 300 grams. Winter fishing of roach is also interesting in that you need to choose a key for this fish. This consists of the following components:

1. Choose the right place

2. Choose the manner of playing jigsaw

3. Pick up the mormyshka itself

4. Select a bait

5. The use of bait

Everything seems to be simple and clear. But, all this is only at first amateur glance. There were times when two fishermen are a meter away from each other, one of them drags carvings “just be in time”, the other is at a loss as to why he is not biting. The secret is that even a difference in depth of 20-30 centimeters can be a determining factor. The next moment is the game with a mormyshka and the choice of a “glue” mormyshka. Mormyshek thousands, and theoretically, roach can show interest in any of them. Sometimes a drop is triggered, sometimes there is no end from the ant, the devil is not bad in some situations, the goat, etc. In general, if we talk about roach, then there should be a supply of mormyshek so that there is plenty to choose from, there is a huge field for the experiment.

Roach bait

Let's start with the bait, without which, probably, you can not do when fishing roaches in the winter. You should not use flavors with pungent odors, as well as in large quantities. Many fishermen I know recommend using wheat porridge, in the main composition of which 200 grams of feed bloodworm is added.

Winter roach fishing technique

It’s not enough to tie a mormyshka, it still needs to be competently filed with roach. There are many ways to play, here are just a few of them that I use:

1. I lower the mormyshka to the bottom, then slowly raise it to 2-3 cm. At the bottom, pause, after that - raise it again, and so on to a height of 50-100 cm from the bottom. But I lower the mormyshka already playing with a nod, picking up and trying different rhythms and amplitudes.

2. I lower the mormyshka to the bottom, after which I immediately make 3-5 short sharp strokes, returning the fishing rod to its previous position, then raise the mormyshka even higher and repeat the manipulations, and so on to a height of 50-100 cm. In the end, sharply lower the mormyshka to bottom.

3. I fix the mormyshka at a certain depth, for example, 30 cm from the bottom, and play for several minutes there, after that I change the depth or pause.

There are a lot of options, the main thing is to find a flock, to understand that today roaches are to their taste, what kind of game it responds with a mormyshka. An interesting fact is that with the same game, roach can actively take on a mormyshka with a bloodworm, but ignore the Chernobyl, and vice versa. So, if there is no bite, you can change the bait to begin with.

Where to look for roach in winter

In winter, roach gathers in schools, prefers fairly quiet places. It can be found both in pits and in areas of aquatic vegetation and depth differences, in reeds, in flooded snags, if in more detail, then:

On the first ice, there are bays, exits from bays, backwaters, plots in a pond with little or no current, a few meters from the bulrush growing from under the water.

In the middle of winter - as the concentration of oxygen in the water decreases in the coastal zone, the roach begins to look for deeper places, and these are sharp drops in depth, underwater channels, pits and other deep places where there is no current.

At the end of winter - roach in this period begins to leave deep areas and is increasingly found in the same places where it was successfully caught on the first ice.

But, remember that roach likes to be capricious in winter, so you have to look for it (catch it at different depths, the main thing is to understand where it is active today). If a flock is found (frequent bites occur), the hole can be periodically fed to keep the roach in place.

Important! From year to year, roach will be caught in the same places, the only thing that can affect its activity is weather conditions. Therefore, if last year you already caught roach in a specific reservoir, then feel free to go to proven places and biting will be guaranteed.

What is roach caught in winter

They catch roach in the winter and on mormyshka with and without bait, on float tackle. Each of these methods is interesting and fascinating, and caught roach on ice is a pleasure for the fisherman. And if catching “trifles” is not difficult (by the way, roach is an excellent live bait), then finding and catching trophy roaches in winter is talent and luck.

Kivkova fishing rod, which consists of a small reel, its task is to store a supply of fishing line. Particular attention should be paid to the nod, it is recommended to select options made of metal or plastic. The length is selected in each case individually, depending on the mass of mormyshka used.

The fishing line is used with a minimum cross-section, we note that a chopped roach weighing 250-300 grams practically does not resist. When fishing, it is necessary to ensure that the fishing line does not rub on the lower edge of the ice. You can simultaneously install a mormyshka on a fishing rod, it is tied to the edge of the main fishing line and a regular hook (swallow), which is fixed above the mormyshka at a distance of 15-20 cm, using a leash 10 cm long.

You can also use a winter fishing rod, which is configured as in the first case, the bite signaling device is a float, which is made of polystyrene foam, its carrying capacity should not exceed one and a half grams. I note that the snap will gain maximum sensitivity if the float after casting the bait is submerged to a depth of 1-2 cm . We described the roach fishing on a float in winter in detail in our article, you can read here.

Try and learn constantly. Good luck and all the best.

By the way, read more about catching roach in mormyshka here.