Pike perch on the balancer

The article says that it is important to know in order that catching a zander on a balancer in the winter is always successful. How to choose the right equipment, where to look for zander and how to fish.

In winter, zander can be caught using various options for artificial baits, but most successfully this fish can be caught using balancers. Balancers is distinguished by its sweeping wide game, which is able to attract the attention of a predator and provoke it to attack.

However, having in your set a pair of working balancers will not give a one hundred percent guarantee that fishing will be successful. In order for the balancer to prove itself as efficiently as possible, they need to learn how to use it correctly or in other words correctly present the bait.

The place of catching pike perch on the balancer

The most important thing that affects the success of fishing for pike perch from the ice is the right place for fishing. In winter, the predator is not as active as in the summer, so very often you have to walk several kilometers on the ice while constantly storming and catching holes in search of its stop. Based on the fact that in the process of fishing there is a need for drilling holes, the ice ax must be of high quality and reliable and have the ability to quickly cope with its task. Before fishing, do not forget to check the sharpening of the ice ax knives, they can not only become dull, but also rot, naturally if stored improperly. We already wrote about how to replace ice ax knives here, if you're interested, read.

Particular attention should be paid to clothing. Clothing should meet the following basic requirements: not to be blown, not to constrain, to keep heat perfectly, to have the ability to remove moisture. Most ideal if a special fishing suit will be used as the main (outer) clothing, which today is presented in a wide assortment in fishing stores.

In search of pike perch, a hole is drilled at a certain distance at each promising place, after which it is caught for 10 minutes. The absence of bites indicates that there is no pike perch in the selected area and it will be more appropriate to start catching the next hole. The search for zander can be simplified if there is a winter echo sounder at hand or if this place, that is, the bottom topography is well known. So, for example, moving over the dump, it will be enough to drill only two holes, one at the bottom, the other at the top. In depth, you can try to search for zander in the area where there are old holes.

It is important to note that zander has a flocking lifestyle, which means that after the first strike, it is safe to say that we found zander. Now, all that remains to be done is to drill a few more holes next to the one that worked, and start fishing. However, the fish can move away from the fishing point, so it is important to constantly monitor the activity of zander on each individual hole. If the activity on the first hole is weak, and on the last vessels there is enough bait immediately after its immersion, then two more holes should be drilled before this hole, and the last should be left.

Balance fishing technique

The balancing technique is not complicated. The balancer completely sinks to the bottom after which fishing begins. By smooth movements, the balancer rises from the bottom at a height of not more than 20 centimeters. After that, a sharp swing of the fishing rod to a height of about 30 centimeters is performed, after which the fishing rod immediately returns to its original position. At the bottom point after a swing, a pause is maintained, which can last from 10 to 30 seconds. At the end of the pause, smooth raising and lowering of the bait or slight twitching in one place are performed.

It is worth noting that fishing for pike perch on the balancer is only suitable if the stream is completely absent or weak. The main problem that the current provides is that the floor is diverted to the side by the power of the fishing line, which greatly complicates the process of controlling the bait during fishing. Therefore, if you decide to catch several zander using a balancer, always look for areas with "quiet" water.

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