The right choice of wobblers for pike fishing

Design features. Company secrets. The size of the bait. Wobbler recesses. Wiring. The colors and sound of wobblers.

Among pike spinningists, such lures as wobblers are among the most frequently used and most catchy ones. These artificial fish, very accurately imitating the movements of a lively frightened fry, are usually always found in the simplest boxes and organizers of our Russian fishermen. As the simplest and most demanding wiring among wobblers, short barrel-shaped baits with a steep blade bent downwards stand out - rolls . Due to their special shape and angle of the blade, these wobblers work well on even wiring, splashing on the surface, sinking and again floating up. This quality attracts novice spinning players who have not yet mastered any complicated wiring. But heels can not be used everywhere as effectively as the popular pike wobblers of well-known companies that can catch at different depths, wiring and in different fishing conditions. What is it desirable to concentrate on spinning when choosing a rather expensive bait, which is a wobbler?

Lure size

First of all, a very important factor for narrowly targeted pike fishing is the size of the bait. For the most part fairly large wobblers are used for pike fishing, and especially in autumn. The range of lengths of wobblers can vary between 5-15 centimeters, where the length of the summer wobbler is the lower indicator of the size of the bait, more often for shallow depth and for fishing in the surface horizon of a reservoir. The upper limit is, rather, the size of an autumn wobbler or bait for trolling fishing. The optimal size for catching pike on wobblers is considered to be the length of the bait 9-11 centimeters.

Wobbler recesses

The next important point for effective pike fishing and the choice of bait can be called the horizon of deepening of the wobbler. Here the main one is the seasonal criterion when choosing a bait. For spring fishing, pike and fishing in the fall are best suited for wobblers that can move in the bottom water level when posting. For summer time, surface lures are most suitable.


One of the most important factors for effective fishing for pike on wobblers is a variety of postings. If a short roll with a steep blade is not very demanding on wiring, then many other most branded and expensive wobblers refuse to catch on even wiring and show their best branded qualities only when using jerking wiring, twitching, wiring technique - “stop & go” . At the same time, copies of the same branded models can catch pike on uniform wiring, like some other models of wobblers. Here you will have to approach individually the choice of each wobbler for specific fishing conditions.

Wobbler colors

The colors of wobblers, although not always, are important for productive predator fishing. There are fairly standard criteria for choosing a bait. Which ">

Design Features

Sometimes a noticeable effect on the effective fishing of pike on wobblers is provided by the design feature of a particular bait. What could it be? For example, quite often the predator is better caught on wobblers, the center of gravity of which is somewhat shifted closer to the tail of the bait or to the middle. This feature gives the wobbler a unique and attractive pike highlight in the game.

The sound of the bait

Often the sound background of a wobbler is able to interest a predator and provoke an attack. For poppers, this is a specific gurgle in the water, while for other wobblers, sound is caused by rolling balls inside the case.

Company secrets

Sometimes such incidents happen. It would seem that Chinese masters of consumer goods have well learned to fake and copy famous wobblers. Outwardly they look like brothers. But for some reason, many copies simply do not work. And the thing is in the correct balancing of the bait. And branded wobblers often have a balancing system in the form of a lightweight body with weights in it. Or inside the wobbler there are shifting load balls. All this is the secret of companies.