How to prepare gear for catching large perch in winter

The article talks about how to prepare tackle for catching perch in winter. How to choose the right place for catching perch. What lures are used when fishing perch in winter. How is wiring jigsaw. How to attract a predator to the place of fishing, is it possible to use complementary foods?

The success of catching perch in winter, as in other things and in any other period of the year, will depend on the ability to properly tackle the tackle. It is important to remember that the perch sees well, therefore it is not permissible to use coarse gear.

The fishing rod deserves special attention, its whip should have a length of 20-25 centimeters. It is important to choose tackle with a hard fishing rod, this will allow you to perform timely, and most importantly accurate hooks.

A nod is required, they are now in a large assortment in fishing stores. For catching perch there is nothing better than options of a conical shape, medium hardness, 10-15 cm long. It is recommended to buy nods made of polycarbonate or metal, since these options practically do not respond to gusts of wind. After installation, the nod should be adjusted so that it does not change the horizontal position under the weight of the mormyshka

A fishing line with a cross section of 0.15-0.2 mm with a small margin is wound on a reel. It is worth noting that with low perch activity, you can try to supplement the tackle with a leash of 20-25 cm in length, from a fishing line with a cross section of 0.12 mm, but in this case it will be necessary to more accurately carry out the fishing of caught fish.

Mormyshka is attached to the fishing line, its shape, size and weight will depend on the activity of the predator, as well as on the fishing period. Note that on the first ice almost any variants of this artificial bait are suitable, but closer to the middle of winter it is recommended to stop the options on mormyshki of small size and weighing no more than three grams. On fishing perch on the first ice, we wrote a whole, detailed article, you can read it at

The artificial bait used can be supplemented with organic bait (maggot, bloodworm). In addition, a fish eye can be attached to the hook of the mormyshka. It will be possible to attract large perch if a small piece of the abdominal fin cut off from an already caught fish is put on the hook.

Subtleties of catching large perch in winter

So, the first thing that is important to dwell on now in more detail is artificial bait. The selection should always be made based on weather conditions and the fishing period. Experienced fishermen have in their set of various sizes and color shades balancers, vertical spinners and mormyshki.

It is worth noting that mormyshki is the best option after the balancer, the perch reacts boldly to it, but it is recommended to use it after the predator has been found. Since mormyshki for catching perch are small in size, bites of a small or medium-sized predator predominate, large perch is rarely caught on mormyshka, the reason is only because it does not keep up with small cousins.

What’s the right thing to do to cut a trifle when using a small mormyshka ">

Mormyshka at an average pace tears off from the bottom surface, approximately, to a height of 0.5-1 meters, a trifle will follow in her wake, but attacks will occur only at the moment of a pause, therefore, reaching the highest point, we sharply release the bait. A small predator will not pursue her, but a large one will not be able to ignore her and as soon as she falls to the bottom, she will certainly raise her. Medium-sized tungsten mormysks work best on a large perch.

When searching for a large perch, first of all, attention should be paid to areas where there are glades on the ice through which daylight enters the water, but in such areas the predator will be found only if there is a depth of more than two and a half meters. If you managed to find a place where a flock of large perch stands, then you can return to it in a few days after fishing, if the weather conditions do not change.

When choosing a balancer, you should choose options with a natural color, the size is not more than average. On such baits, large tees are predominantly installed, so they must immediately be replaced by small tees, on which a small amount of woolen thread is wound. Its presence does not affect the effectiveness of the game during posting, but significantly increases the attractiveness of the bait itself

Feeding perch during winter fishing

Attracting a perch to a fishing spot or holding it will be easy if you use bait. Experts recommend tossing chopped fish or forage bloodworms into the hole, if there are worms, you can use them after cutting them into pieces. If there is a flow in the selected area, then another meter is drilled a meter from the main hole into which a feeding bait feeder is installed.

In addition, you can use dry Albumin or frozen blood they are added to the water on their own or as part of other baits. It is necessary to feed a predator in small portions with a frequency of 1 time per hour. If the perch bites well, then the interval between feeding can be increased.

That's all. Good fishing and good trophies.

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