Pike on live bait

Pike on live bait, some thoughts.

Quite fascinating is catching pike on live bait. Moreover, if someone thinks that you can catch bait fish only by baiting him on a fishing rod and throwing him in an interesting place to wait for a bite, then he is clearly mistaken. Catching pike on live bait is much more diverse and wider. For example, using bait fish, a pike can be caught on a pike rod (an analogue of an ordinary float tackle, which is adapted to a pike), on a ventilator, on mugs, on a “bottle”, on a snap, and when a bait fish is mounted on a pike trap. In addition, live bait can be used in the method of sheer pike flashing. In this case, most likely, we did not list all the options that are successfully used by fishermen when fishing for pike on live bait, but it is already clear that there is a place to turn around.

Why is fishing pike so interesting ">

1. Any live fish is 1000 times better and more familiar to a predator than artificial bait

2. On live bait can be caught in difficult places where fishing for a bait, wobbler, jig is impossible

3. You can arrange an unlimited number of zerlits, which increases the chances of success

4. In a promising place, a pike does not always immediately have enough bait, it takes time ... having put live bait gear, there’s nowhere to rush, but a spinning player can leave the point without waiting for a bite

And these are just a few reasons, it is clear that if you think about it, you can add a dozen more points.

An interesting topic is the choice of live bait for tackle on the pike (by the way, here you will find some secrets about the chew). Someone prefers to use a fish from the same reservoir, other fishermen bring live bait fish with them, for example, small crucian carp. It's hard to say which is better. In theory, the more familiar a predator is, the better. But in practice, there are no significant differences in this regard. In my practice, I always use live bait from a pond where I will catch pike, in this case there is no need to transport live bait and its storage, which in hot weather can become a real problem.

Regarding whether to use tees or doubles, opinions differ too. As a rule, I put two doubles, and I do not pierce the fish itself. And I hook one hook through the gills, and the second loop overlaps through the rear fin. With such a fixation, the bait fish will not go anywhere, and it will live longer than a hooked one, especially if you do it ineptly.

With hooking, if you catch a pike on live bait, there is no need to rush. The pike grabs a bait fish, swims away for some distance, after which it turns the fish in its mouth and swallows. And if you make a hook immediately after biting, then there is a chance that you simply tear the live bait from the mouth, you will not notice the pike. It is best to hook while stopping the reeling line, waiting 5-10 seconds.

An interesting question is leashes when fishing for live bait: someone uses them, while others simply put leashes from a thicker fishing line, or use a nylon cord. In my practice, I also caught with metal leashes, and did not notice any deterioration in the bite. It seems to me that it is precisely when fishing for live bait that the leashes should be reliable, since the pike hooks at once, turns the bait over, therefore, there is every chance that even a thick fishing line and whether the braid will be eaten. I settled on metal leashes and a nylon cord, and so far I do not plan to change them for anything else.

Well, the last thing to consider when fishing for live bait is the optimal load of gear. It doesn’t matter whether fishing gear goes to the float gear, to mugs or vents, the load should be of such a mass that the bait fish is always at the depth you set, does not float, so that the movements of the fish are given with some effort, otherwise, it’ll simply hide more in cover confuses the tackle, and bites will have to wait a very long time.

In general, fishing by pike for live bait is a whole direction, and if you are constantly looking for something new in fishing, be sure to open for yourself this "page" of predator fishing.

Good luck and all the best.

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