With fishing rod - on Vetluga

Vetluga is a magnificent Central Russian river. Many fishing enthusiasts come here from afar to enjoy the pristine nature and test their ability to fish. Someone is luckier, someone less, but no one leaves empty . Just the catches are different.

Vetluga - a serious, generous river

Many people who want to stock up for the future come here from different areas of the Mari El Republic. There are fishermen from the Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod regions. They make their way off-road to familiar old ladies and backwaters. X, Yurkino, Maryino, Lund, Koporulikha, Podgorny. From the names of these, every knowledgeable angler conjures up wonderful associations and takes his breath away. And how many villages on Vetluga are little-known. Treasured places on the banks of the duct. Getting there for a beginner is not easy. There are porches where water can be reached only through narrow gaps among the thickets. Launch the main boat into the water. And there with God's help ...

Someone on oars along the channels with a spinning pike hunts. Someone on the motor, closer to the fairway steers, beyond the islands. On a rod of a bream to "ring" to catch or to hunt with a bait for zander. Free will. Those who want to catch adrenaline in their pants even run the risk of putting along vetluzhsky channels. But this illegal occupation may end badly. Fines for poaching are rising. Gold may be caught fish.

So it’s better to honestly, with a fishing rod, get food for the family, while receiving great pleasure.


For example, I like to catch rudd from a boat in old ladies and backwaters between the islands. You will get deeper, you will find a gap between the thickets of river grass, feed the fish porridge with oilcake and take your health. The rudd is a beautiful fish and takes the bait more decisively than roach. She walks in large flocks and you can catch a lot in a good place. Semolina flavored with unrefined sunflower oil and garlic is a very attractive attachment for her. By the way, even a lazy dog ​​bream can join your treat. He also loves to hang around the calm water of old women and backwaters in search of food.

Exits from the asphalt to Vetluga almost every kilometer, but not everywhere you can drive in an ordinary passenger car. In addition, rumors are circulating that in some places some kind of molehills (possibly from local residents) are digging nails on the roads to discourage fishing from urban dudes. But if you still get to the river - all the luck in your palm.

In the summer of mosquitoes there is an abyss on the shore, less on the water. But there during the day from horsefly there is no end. Flocks of bloodsuckers fly like messerschmitts. Natural warfare.

But hunting is more than captivity. Do you scare a real fisherman by midges? What can be horseflies and gadflies when a rudd pecks. By the way, fishing line for such fish with a thickness of 0.15 mm is not recommended. The fish is tender, sensual, understands tackle. And at 0.15 mm, with the skill, you can also pull out a two-kilogram fish. However, rudd to such a weight grows extremely rarely. Usually 100-300 grams. Tasty fish. But she has a flaw. Tender excessively. Crumbles and deteriorates quickly. It is difficult to bring home in its original form, so it’s better to add salt. And if you have patience, then gutting the fish will not be superfluous.

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But, of course, beauty Vetluga is famous not only for rudd and roach

There are all kinds of fish. You just need to be able to catch. It has become fashionable for pike, pike perch, and catfish to tempt trolling using a motor boat (about trolling). But if there is no motor - it does not matter. Remember the reliable grandfather "path". One rowes, the second with a spinning, releasing the tackle 30-40 meters, drags the lure behind the boat, plays. One can also hunt for a pike, but less conveniently. Although the two on a rubber boat are not comme il faut. Closely, so to speak, for two adult men.

Here you can catch pike "passively"

He put a dozen zergelniks along the shore on the island and go on firing your roach, the rudd fox. Nice job. In the evening, you can try to get a bunch of line worms. There are a lot of them in the backwaters, only they fall into the trap infrequently. Forage, apparently, is enough, and a cautious fish. Any awkward movements and noises are scared. It is better to cling to the zherlitsa on the zherlitsa in the stagnant water of the Vetluzh backwaters under the upper fin, and not on the lip, as in the course. A carnival is the best bait. Sufficiently tenacious, brisk and, most importantly, food familiar to the local pike. And closer to the fairway bream for "ringing" is caught quite successfully. Of course, it became less than it, as in the Volga, but you can catch it. A worm for the local fish is the best nozzle, although bream also takes on maggot, and on decoy. But the decoy flies off the hook. Maggot is good, but small. If you are keen on catching large fish, feel free to plant a bunch of worms. Neither bream, nor ide, nor chub, nor zander - will not pass by. Even pike such a bait with pleasure swallow and then fishing line with sharp teeth, like shears sheared.

And you can spend the night on the island by the fire, so as not to row back to the shore. Not as comfortable as in a car, but romance.