Catching careful goldfish

Catching large goldfish is peculiar and interesting; when fishing this fish you need to have patience and endurance. This fish is in our reservoirs, but it can be difficult to catch.

Goldfinch loves grassy sections of the pond. The fat man just crawls in front of the seaweed in search of food. On a quiet morning, when he feeds, you can see the aquatic vegetation moving from his movements and hear a chomp - this is what he is looking for in the duckweed. It is better to catch it early in the morning and late in the evening. In the afternoon, large goldfish for fishing rod, as a rule, is not caught.

Catching it is not very convenient, unlike silver carp, which is successfully mined from the shore, for example, on a feeder (read about the feeder here). After all, the feeder cannot be thrown into the grass, where it mostly holds. Unless to try on the "pacifier", but it is not always suitable, in the thickets of cattail and "nipple" is useless.

In order to catch a large goldfish, one has to climb into the water and, finding “windows” among the thickets, throw tackle there. Rubber pants or, at worst, wading boots are needed. Nutrition is not needed; it is useless in grass thickets. The floats are good from thin goose feathers, so that when the fish bite, they do not feel resistance. Fishing line thickness from 0.2 - 0.25 mm. Hooks are thin, sharp, with a long forearm, No. 4 - 6, if you catch on a dung worm. It is better to plant worms one at a time, a bunch of crucian in the grass takes less willingly, this is checked. In addition, a tench can be caught on a bunch of worms, if it is in this pond, it lives nearby with goldfish and also loves grass.

You need to stand quietly, try and not move, extra movements can scare a cautious fish. He takes a large goldfish quite correctly, the float smoothly leaves the side, at this time it is necessary to hook up immediately. And, of course, when fishing the fish, a long landing net will come in handy so that you can reach the “window” in the grass where you put the gear. The main thing in this fishing is to choose the right place, which can be done according to the signs already indicated in the text - moving grass and champing.

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