Classic carp fishing

In the article I will talk about summer fishing for crucian carp on a float. What fishing rods are used? How and what to equip? How and with what to feed crucian? What nozzles to choose?

Crucian fishing is considered one of the most common. You can even call it folk, because there are most lovers of such fishing. And it is available to everyone: to a curly-haired schoolboy on vacation, and a gray-haired grandfather in retirement. Tackle for such fishing joy can be the simplest, as well as bait for rearing this beautiful and strong-bodied crucian. Quite a lot was said about fishing by feeder. Now we will talk about catching crucian carp with a fishing rod, which can be called classic carp fishing tackle.

Where to catch crucian carp

On small ponds in a village they still catch bamboo fishing rods, or even ordinary mountain ash rods (on how to choose a bamboo fishing rod). And the catches of village fishermen, for the most part nimble boys, of course, do not include captured fish. But sometimes quite decent “bast shoes” come across even in such small bodies of water, only they do not hold near the coastline, where carp sometimes desperately peck from the palm, but away, along the edge of the grass strip or near the channel pit.

Typically, ponds are formed from obstruction by the dam of a river or stream. This is the channel that needs to be found by casting a marker weight or simply by learning about the pit from local residents. Here, most likely, he will take the largest crucian carp that lives in this reservoir. Especially if the place is prized, that is, it was fed for several days. And it’s best not to catch it in such a place during the cooking.

Crucian lure and rearing

You can feed or cuddle, throwing balls with bait in the place of catching crucian carp. This is done by throwing a hand or from a special slingshot. Similar means of bait delivery are produced even by well-known companies; here you can mention Salmo slingshots. Bait tubes of the Cobra type are also used. Bait most often consists of a set of cereals, crackers and pea puree. Someone uses the signature mixture for crucian carp.

Crucian fishing rods

Yes, but how to throw a nozzle or bait at a distance of about fifteen meters "> Lap-dog", if you just have the same float rod, but with rings and a reel. Most often a fly rod up to eight meters long is enough. This is the easiest tackle in construction, on the whole, it’s no different from Aksakov’s uda. It is clear that such a long rod should be light, otherwise it just cannot be kept on weight and not raised during hooking. Kosadaka fly rods, even inexpensive, weigh no more than five hundred grams, and they, which is more expensive - and even easier ... Owls belt composite materials make it possible to make such long, strong, light and elastic rods that can withstand large fish.

Shock absorbers

Various shock absorbers are used to mitigate the jerk when hooking . Someone uses branded ones, consisting of rubber stretched in a thin tip and displayed in the connector on the tip of the rod. Such a shock absorber is regulated by the force of tension with a special cone fixed to the second elbow on the thread. But usually the simplest rubber tube shock absorbers are used, which are mounted on the tip of the rod. The fly fishing rod does not have rings and reel mounts. Therefore, its equipment is brought assembled together with a float, hook, sinkers wound on a reel. Someone collects such snap-ins himself, someone buys ready-made, for example, Linea Effe snap-ins. Some craftsmen, one of whom I know, are still using the Soviet technology of equipping fishing rods with reel rigs to mount similar reel rods on carbon flywheel rods, on the butt knee.


As well as on a simple carp fishing rod, elongated “needle” floats are used here, like the famous goose feather. These long floats are best suited for carp fishing in the still water. Everyone knows the classic bite of crucian carp, when the float falls flat on a mirror of water, and then, recessed, obliquely goes into the depths. Beauty!..

Special flywheel floats usually have a long metal or carbon fiber keel, a two-point mount and a not-so-long antenna, when compared with a “lap”. The bottom attachment point is silicone cambric, and the top is the fishing line loop in the body of the float.

Carp Hooks

Hooks for catching crucian carp is better to use small cyprinids or classic hooks with a beard, not only on the sting, but also on the forearm of the hook. This allows you to better hold the nozzle. Usually the size of the hooks varies between no . 8-12 .

Attachments for fishing

The most common summer nozzles for crucian carp are: barley, corn, bread, semolina, maggot, and in some places worms.