Vobla is considered one of the most delicious dried fish. Its name alone is immediately associated with a mug of cold beer. And although this fish is a direct relative of roach, the roach is larger and fatter, which is caused by the nature of its nutrition and habitats. It is considered a migratory fish and can live both in the Volga riverbed and in the relatively fresh part of the sea. And the food of vobla is more caloric than that of roach, which feeds on vegetation and insects. In the diet of roach, there are also quite large mollusks.


Where do you catch roach?
Vobla in the fields
Fishing tackle

Where to catch

The most effective is fishing for vobla in the lower Volga, namely in the Astrakhan region. Despite the winter conditions, the roach is well caught from ice in the estuary bays for ordinary winter fishing rods, as well as for a fishing rod, since in the lower Volga there are often suitable conditions for catching this fish in open water. This happens in warm winters and long thaws, when whole sections of the channels and eriks of the Volga delta are opened.

A feature of such fishing is its simplicity and loot, unless of course you wait for optimal conditions for fishing this fish, and this is primarily not very cold water. But the summer temperature in the Volga will not be soon, even though these edges are southern and early for heat. Nevertheless, even in early spring, Volga water is sometimes only slightly warmer than winter indicators, and in pit dips, where gloomy catfish sit at the bottom, the water temperature can be the same as in winter.

Vobla in the fields

A completely different picture in the hollows, where the lowlands and meadow coastal areas flooded with water are quickly warmed up by the sun, and here, in the first place, the silver roach strives. And ferocious predators come for her: zander, pike, catfish, asp. But not everyone has access to the path, at least for deep-sea predators, which also creates the conditions for a roach.

In addition to the positive temperature in these places there is a lot of food, which is represented by worms crawling out of water-filled burrows, as well as other inhabitants of the meadows, that is, insects. In addition, there are cereals and plant seeds . It turns out, and for the fish here, Eldorado, which together with warm water creates the conditions for successful fishing, to which many anglers come as families, having made a vacation for this period. And here everyone catches, both old and young ... As long as the weather does not turn bad, to which the roach reacts quite sensitively.

But besides roach in the hollow large fish can also be found: carp and powerful silver crucian hybrids, which in these places are called "buffalo". And here - hold on to the tackle! Thin equipment, intended only for catching a roach, will not withstand jerks not only of carp, but also of crucian carp, which is distinguished by its large size and furious character. Therefore, you need a voluminous and sturdy nap net . Well, it’s better to use a fishing rod not a flywheel with a dull snap, but rather a Bologna one, which will also allow you to cast it over a long distance. And this is often a necessary necessity because of the shallow water and grass that is common in floodplain meadows. Such overgrown areas are usually located near newly formed shores. And often you have to throw tackle about twenty meters from the shore, which is available to Bologna fishing rod.

Wobbler bait

On a good turn of the roach with even pressure and warm weather, the use of bait is not necessary. But when some time passes and the fish, simply speaking, disperses in the meadows, it must be collected at fishing points using active and light bait, for example, Sensas 3000 Club feeder, which looks like sand. This bait has the ability to float and move in suspension. The bait of a roach can also be attributed to baits of this kind and properties. Assets. Greenphishing

Fishing Lure Accessories

Vobla is greedy and not too careful. Therefore, you don’t need to get carried away with too miniature equipment, since it can be crushed by an alien carp, crucian carp and bream, which is not uncommon in shallow meadows. Even an ide sometimes happens to come here, apparently, for the same worms and the opportunity to bask in the sun. The Bologna fishing rod is often used here with a sliding float, but, in fact, only for the range and accuracy of casting, since it is often necessary to choose a fishing window as a fishing point, where you can not always get in calm weather, and even in windy weather.


As bait, ordinary worms are used, on which the roach often takes in large quantities. Therefore, you need a good roomy cage.