In the first snow

Report on winter fishing on the city reservoir in the first snow.

The first ice this year began very successfully. This refers to the conditions in which this ice became. There were clear and rosy days with frost up to eleven degrees in the morning. And during the day it was calm weather with a temperature of about five degrees below zero. And so the ice shell was established, transparent, strong, monolithic. But under clear ice, the fish refused to take places in some places. And I waited for at least a little of this glass ice to powder with snow. And then the thaw came. Moreover, the rain began to drizzle, as expected in the fall, but in the yard it already exceeded the second half of November. It’s somehow not very appropriate to rain when fishermen are already catching from the ice. However, nature does not have bad weather. It had already snowed in the morning, and the ground was finally covered with a white blanket. So it's time to go on the ice.

And before that, the report was uploaded to the local forum from a fishing companion and fellow fishing essays. Like, not one kilometer was wasted in the ice desert of Dubova, which is located in the flood zone of the Cheboksary reservoir. The sir didn’t wait for an exit, and only the bershiki-laces flared up on a spinner with a sprat, and even that was languid, lazy, without appetite. True, I got a royal ruff of a hundred and fifty grams at the fairway itself, but one. There would be a dozen of them, at least in my ear. The reason for the sluggish outbreaks of pike perch and bersh was, apparently, precisely in the transparency of the ice. But on Dubova, in places of pike-perch fishing, the depth reaches eleven meters . But, judging by the frames of the underwater video, even under relatively thick ice and a blanket of snow, the bottom is quite clearly visible, standing and swimming fish are visible. Even the details of the spinners and balancers are visible. In addition, it turns out what color the bait and wool on the hook are. And this contradicts the allegations, they say, there is no difference what color the baubles and the fly on the hook. But it comes out under clear ice and fish, we fishers are clearly visible.

And then the ice covered with the long-awaited snow

But everything turned out according to the law of meanness. Only the thaw came, and I don’t have time to get out to a full fishing trip. I consider full-fledged fishing with an overnight stay, since I live not on the Volga, where I went out, went down to the ice and catch it. Here, until you get to the place, when you reach the channels and islands - the day has passed, especially in this period, which is not winter yet, but dark in winter, especially due to experiments with summertime.

Today I decided to go to my nearest fishing places - to the city reservoir. On the eve of a dozen caught one and a half roaches for live bait. There were perch caught at the mouth of a stream on a suburban pit. But I immediately rejected them and gave them to the British Felix. At this time, the pike is no longer tempted by perch. Now give her only a tender white-skinned patch ... But Felix, despite her British physiognomy, snobbish arrogant character, has a strange weakness for our bony bony small fish. Only a red fish prescribed him a veterinarian, and he looks at her indifferently, but he is humiliated on his hind legs, begging for a prickly provincial trifle ...

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So I'm already there

And this urban place is quite lively and noisy, especially for the urban pike, well-fed, lazy and cautious. The skiers scare the fish, or onlookers, idly walking on the ice. But at least to sit at the girders, looking at the sensitively guarded spring flags. He placed the gear again along the line where the first pikes of this ice season were caught. The depths are up to seven meters. A classic eyebrow is also available. Just the difference from three meters to six or seven, but for some reason the local pike do not comply with the regulation of the theoretical calculations of the authors of articles on fishing, including mine. At least not always in compliance. For some reason, he’s taking it recently right on the pit, along one certain line and even depth. In this, however, he complies with my calculations on fishing at even depths and a strictly designated fish path, where a step to the left or right is the result in a minus ... But on the spit-edge, but now the track is caught and the perch bends with a nod. At least some rest for the fishing soul.

But what is this? .. Did the flag go up? I can’t believe it and I want to believe ... Precisely, the flag turns red and flutters in the breeze. And the coil is already spinning fast and confidently ..

I'm running to the gear. And on time ... The fishing line is wound from a reel and jerks down. It's time! I hook and pike a kilo and a half kilos. No wonder I went yesterday for live bait. There were no more gripes later. Only at dusk yet in the morning, at half-past eight, was a pike caught. Not empty…

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