Grayling in the fall - tips and tricks

How to catch grayling in the fall with a spinning rod, which are used for this bait. The features of fly fishing in the autumn are considered. What is important to consider when choosing a place for grayling in the autumn months, using a float rod.

Grayling in the fall on a float

Catching grayling in the fall with a fishing rod differs from a similar process in the summer and has its own characteristics. This is due to the fact that grayling, starting in early October, slides to a depth where it waits for the cold, but the most interesting is that it practically does not feed here . Many anglers do not take this moment into account, and they try to find the deepest areas to catch them with the highest quality, but, as a rule, in most cases all their efforts are in vain.

In the autumn period, grayling begins to feed closer to noon, and then, provided the weather is warm, it leaves the depths and approaches the coastal shallows where it actively feeds before dark. Experienced fishermen, knowing such a feature in the behavior of fish, choose sites for fishing near the exits from the pit closer to the shallow for fishing . In addition, promising places for grayling autumn will always be areas away from the main stream, as well as quiet backwaters and places where the reverse flow forms.

There is always a much greater chance of meeting an active grayling, but you can catch it only if you choose the right bait and fishing technique, which differs significantly from the summer one, you should remember this point. On large rivers of Siberia, for example, on the Naryn River, the tactics of constantly searching for fish and catching the coastal zone works great. If the bait turns out to be thrown to the opposite shore, then this should always be used. In the middle of the river, the probability of catching grayling in the autumn is minimal; there is a better chance of success when exploring the coastal zone.

After casting, the bait is carried out without sudden movements at a slow pace, it is important to try to bait as close as possible to a promising point. Note that in the fall, grayling will not chase the bait, it tries to make as few movements as possible, if the bait moves quickly, the fish simply ignores it.

Features of grayling fishing in autumn spinning

Experienced anglers are advised to have spinning at their disposal, with the help of which it will be possible to catch grayling at different distances from the coast. Most often in mid-autumn, medium-sized spinners are used as bait, which quickly after reaching the water reach the bottom where the fish is.

It is important to note that cases when grayling reacts to a falling bait are not uncommon, therefore, having completed the casting, it is always necessary to be ready to perform a cut.

In addition to spinners, anglers use crank lobes, as well as drowning minows, it is rare to see an angler who uses shades in the fall.

With special responsibility, you need to approach the choice of fishing line, we note that it is recommended to refuse the braided cord, since it is noticeable in the water and guards the fish, due to which the number of bites decreases sharply. Professionals advise winding a fluorocarbon fishing line with a cross section of 0.2 mm onto the spool of their reel.

Spinning is especially convenient in river sections with washed banks, where trophy fish are often found.

Fly fishing in the fall

Good results can be obtained when grayling in the fly fishing in the fall. Note that fishing is much more intense compared to using a fishing rod or spinning rod.

The advantage of this method of fishing is that during the posting, the fisherman constantly monitors the bait, which completely eliminates the possibility of an idle bite.

You can fly fishing in a variety of ways, but in the autumn, a simple alloy is an excellent choice. Note that bite can occur at a considerable distance, in this case it will take a lot of effort to cope with the fishing of the fish. Forcing events, trying to pull the fish out by force should not be, because a sharp jerk can cause the descent and loss of the long-awaited trophy.

If the bait is not correctly selected for fly fishing in the autumn, then you should not count on a good fishing result. Note that mainly artificial flies are used for fly fishing, it is recommended to select dark shades for the autumn period, gray baits work fine, with good activity you can try green flies, but they should have maximum resemblance to caddis larva.

When choosing a bait for fishing, it is important to know that every millimeter of it will matter. The choice regarding the size, shape, color must be made, starting from the main food base of the fish in a specific period, not even the day, but the day when fishing is carried out.

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