April fishing for pike perch

The article tells about how and when you can start to catch zander. What are the bait used in fishing for zander in April. What determines the choice of artificial bait for catching zander. How to post after casting the bait. How does zander activity change depending on air temperature.

When planning to go fishing in April it is important to know that this month the weather is not stable. So, in the afternoon the air temperature can reach up to +15 degrees, and towards the evening fall to zero.

But the cooling for a real fisherman is not a reason to deny himself the pleasure of catching several decent-sized zander, namely this predator begins to peck well in April. The activity of zander in April will always be good and this is due to the fact that the predator begins to prepare for spawning. During this period, he eagerly pounced on everything that floats next to him.

Pike perch bait

In April, experienced anglers advise using spinners weighing up to 40 grams for catching pike perch (the choice depends on the depth and conditions of fishing). Note that in April, most often zander can be found at a depth of more than five meters. The most promising areas can be distinguished: rocky ridges, hard-bottomed channel ridges, exits from wintering pits.


As for the wiring, the best results can be obtained when using the drift wiring when fishing in strong currents or step-striking wiring. Everything is clear with the first option; we will dwell a little on the second option. So, after casting, we allow the bait to completely sink to the bottom, after which we pause and do a short pull-up with the tip of the rod. It is important that the bait does not come off the bottom and constantly touches the topography, creating a cloud of turbidity. With this method of fishing, the use of a “leash lead” equipment is suitable.

The use of stepped wiring will be especially relevant when fishing for pike perch at the exit of the pit. Here, not only an option of a jig bait will be suitable as a bait, excellent spinner with a small load in the front will work fine in April in zander. Note that the bite mainly occurs at the time of the pause, when the bait sinks to the bottom.

When fishing at great depths and strong currents, it is more convenient to catch pikeperch using drift wiring. Casting of the bait is performed slightly upstream or across it. It is important to consider that while the artificial bait reaches the bottom, it will be carried approximately 35 degrees from the casting point to the angler. Upon reaching the bottom bait, several sharp jerks are made (we tear off the bait), the demolition continues until it is carried to the coastline. This method of fishing is effective, but it is possible only in areas with a clean bottom. Until mid-April, you can catch pikeperch for demolition, later large perch and bersh will also be interested in bait.

Zander activity in April

The activity of pike perch in April lasts until the last, it is not uncommon that biting remains good in early May. At the beginning of the month, there is a possibility of catching large specimens weighing up to 8-9 kg, but the bite is not happy with stability. Closer to mid-April, the nibble is leveled, but now, more often, pike perch weighing up to 3 kg, or even less, is becoming the trophy of anglers.

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The next important point, which significantly affects the activity of zander, it is associated with a change in water temperature in the river. So, in early April, while the water is still quite cold, pike perch is better caught in a jig. However, as soon as the air temperature reaches +8 degrees, the predator can abruptly stop pecking at silicone and start attacking wobblers when fishing by trolling. When the temperature drops, the predator, without ceasing to be caught on wobblers, starts again to peck well at the jig.

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