Summer nod - features

Decided to catch a summer nod? The article has some features that a summer nod should have.

To catch on a summer (lateral) nod is quite interesting. This is due to the fact that you can catch both peaceful fish and predators on this tackle. It all depends on your preference and place of fishing. So, on one of the rivers I was able to catch such perches from snags that I did not even know that there were such in this place. It was impossible to catch perch in that place on any other tackle: solid debris of trees, the shore was overgrown with grass for 1-2 meters, a weak current. The float constantly drifted and hooks arose, the sheer spinner widely played back when jerking, which also caused gear hooks. And it was the lateral nod in this place that showed the best results: a light mormyshka played where I lowered it, and the fishing line was not taken down by the wind, since there is no float on this gear and it works practically where you bring it.

In the last few years, information about fishing for a summer nod has become much more. Yes, and I myself have written a dozen articles on this topic. But still, some fishermen are still wondering what the basic characteristics of a summer nod should have. I will try to answer this question in a simple and accessible form. So here we go.

1. Easy. If you take into account that the nod will be installed on the tip of a 5-6 meter rod, it becomes obvious that with a lot of weight it will simply bend the knee, which will slightly worsen the game of mormyshka, or rather, make it unnatural.

2. Noticeable. Important quality nod. It should be clearly visible both in cloudy weather and on a bright day. Therefore, summer nods are painted in two or more colors in order to be able to visualize it in any conditions. Sometimes, in order for the nod to be more noticeable, a foam ball is put on its tip, which is also dyed.

3. Do not have a memory. When fishing for a summer nod, hooks sometimes occur, and when fishing the fish, the nod practically bends in half. It is important that in the absence of load, the nod again takes its previous shape. Otherwise, fishing will be difficult or impossible at all.

4. It is important to have a stock of nods of different thicknesses. With this point, everything is clear: in some places you can catch mormyshka, whose weight is only 0.5-1 g., In other conditions, mormyshka up to 5-10 grams may be required.

5. From paragraph 4, the following point follows: the fastening of the nod must be such that the nods themselves can be easily replaced directly during fishing. In my practice, I use a “curved nail or wire” mount using electrical tape or cambric. I know fishermen who use other mounting options.

6. The nod should be smooth, without nicks. Otherwise, “beards” from fishing line and unwanted loops cannot be avoided. By the way, if the nod has burrs, you will have to fold the fishing rod to reel and reel the fishing line, which, in the process of fishing, is somewhat “wound” and the fishing turns into “torment”.

7. It is better to establish a nod at an angle to the first knee at 45-60 degrees. This angle allows you to perfectly track the bite, and, as practice shows, the fishing line does not overlap through the nod.

8. The length of the working part of the nod must be at least 20 centimeters. With shorter lengths, it will be difficult to observe a nod, especially in windy weather, when there are ripples on the water.

9. And last, the nod should be "cheap." You need to understand that the side nods do not live long and often break - this is not winter fishing, where the conditions for nodding are gentle. Choose such material for the manufacture of a nod that is easy to get, spending a minimum of effort and money on its search.

In general, fishing with a side nod allows you to take a different look at your entire previous experience. Lateral nod requires new skills from the fisherman, you begin to learn fishing anew. I’ll say from myself that this “study” is so fascinating and interesting that you can’t imagine how you used to fish without this gear. Read more about catching on a side nod, read here. Good luck to you.

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