Carp fishing in winter

The article tells about what gear to choose for fishing crucian carp in winter, about the features of its fishing. Also, from the article you will learn about winter bait for crucian carp.

Fishing for crucian carp is probably the most popular and sought-after fishing among the population of all ages and inclinations, from a gray-haired veteran of this quiet fishing to a sniffing kid disappearing on a river or pond on weekends. Everyone loves this fishing for sleepy dawns by the mirror water, for a beautiful bite, when the float, having swayed, lies on fresh water, and then slantingly goes under the leaf of a water lily, for a strong silver fish, beautiful and sweet in a pan. But winter is considered a forced break in the fishing of crucian carp. And many do not even make attempts to go to the crucian pond or lake, drill a hole and wait for a bite. Meanwhile, silver crucian carp is not so finicky to winter conditions as its fellow gold, sometimes painted in the color of dark copper, which depends on the soil and water of the pond or lake. The crucian and carp hybrid pecks in the winter, especially during prolonged thaws. And the main condition for successful fishing for crucian carp in winter is warm weather with constant atmospheric pressure and the presence of good winter bait. Usually this is a universal bait or bait for roach or bream.

Features of carp fishing in winter

Fishing in the winter, as already mentioned, is entirely dependent on the weather. And a prolonged warm thaw often makes sleepy crucians get out of the silt, which, having mixed winter and spring, begin to eagerly feed. But such exits of silver crucian carp are more characteristic for flowing ponds connecting with the river, formed by the dam of a river or stream. Usually on such ponds there is something like a lock where water is discharged year-round. And there is a small current in the reservoir, often completely invisible to the eye. All these features create the conditions for winter fishing for silver crucian hybrid, which is also called buffalo on the Lower Volga, is obviously wrong, as it is another fish. But we love nicknames and funny verbal stickers.

Despite the revival of biting, crucian carp is not taken everywhere in winter. The best places for winter fishing will be the patch of shallow water in the pit, as well as the edge of the channel of the flooded river and reed bays, especially at the confluence or mouth of the river, which served as the beginning of the pond.

Winter gear for crucian

Crucian fishing in winter is not much different from roach fishing. We need thin miniature gear. And this is a small winter fishing rod such as a balalaika or a fishing rod with legs. Since winter carp often pecks on a fixed mormyshka, a fishing rod with support legs will be preferable .

A nod is needed soft, mylar and quite long - about 12-14 cm. Sometimes nods-balancers are successfully used. They are sensitive to the weakest bite and are a cross between a nod and a fishing rod float.

Fishing line is selected depending on the reservoir. On a village pond, where medium-sized crucian carp live, you can put monophilic fishing line with a diameter of 0.08 mm, well, and the Volga delta reservoirs, bays and reed eriks require more durable gear. There, in winter, crucian carp comes across large and strong. Fishing line is needed with a thickness of at least 0.14 mm in diameter.

Mormyshki selected the smallest, tungsten, discreet shades. It can be “pellets”, “droplets”. Sometimes crucian carp is better taken on a hook with a nozzle in winter than on mormyshka. In this case, you can bind the hook above or below the mormyshka, but in this case hook hooks occur at the edges of the hole. In such a tandem, the hook of the mormyshka can catch on ice. Therefore, it is better to have a stock of a filly fishing rod with a thin float equipment, it is possible in the summer version, that is, with a float of a normal appearance, and not a pop-up one. In the thaw, complex types of float equipment are not needed.

The bait for fishing is a traditional bloodworm. But on some reservoirs during the winter periods of revitalization of biting, crucian carp are often interested in bread crumb, dough. And the best thing is sometimes attracted by a crucian manna talker, painted red with food colors.

As already mentioned, as a bait, you can use winter mixtures for cold water, for example, Greenfish. Since there are no special winter baits for crucian carp, roach mixes or universal baits, in particular from Sensas, are quite suitable. Someone successfully applies homemade bait with the addition of various winter flavors, for example, red caviar, hemp in fish, and smoked cancer.

It should be borne in mind that in the thaw on ice, raw porridge from snow and water forms. Therefore, we need waterproof winter shoes.

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