Which feeder is better

Already, probably, a couple of years I have been carefully comparing two types of feeders. The first is the simplest home-made, constructed from a Chinese telescopic spinning with the help of maybe one's mother. And this, of course, is not a feeder, but an ordinary donka. Just call my homemade feeder. But the main signs of the feeder in my homemade donka, of course, exist. These are: the presence of a fishing rod, the simplest bite signaling device, inertialess reel. And feeder feeders are naturally applied. The second feeder is a branded fishing rod with a length of 3.9 m of medium class and a test of 60-90-120.

I can’t say anything bad about the company rod

You can throw far. A flexible rod, but not a whip. Everything was with him, but on our last trip to the Volga channels I was convinced how convenient my homemade rod was, especially in tight conditions. The island where we settled down to catch on feeders and a fishing rod, and then on a spinning rod, is very narrow. In summer, we choose it for an overnight stay due to the fact that it does not have mosquitoes. The island is blown by the Volga winds and mosquitoes on it are clearly uncomfortable. We put up a tent and then - complete comfort and beauty. But feeders did not take here before. Therefore, I had to prepare a place for them: chop off the branches hanging overhead. At the same time, it was still cramped. And so my two home-made short feeders naturally fit into the coastline and worked perfectly. Guards with bells were right in front of the eyes, since the rods were set at an angle of 45 degrees and frontally. Due to its size, the long branded feeder did not even fit along the coast. But branches still interfered with casting. And the conclusion was made: for fishing in the bushes, on the overgrown banks, on a small river and a crucian pond there is no alternative to my homemade products. The gears are brilliantly easy to operate, universal, as they are capable of throwing feeders of any weight, are sensitive and beautiful to bite because of the almost vertical installation of fishing rods right in front of their eyes. The quivertype gatehouse is made of a piano string, at the end of which a “tulip” from the spinning is attached.

But at the same time, on one of the summer days on the Vetluga River, another conclusion was made

My son and I came here for the bream that Vetluga is famous for. True, it was already August, or rather its completion. And strangely enough, large bream is caught on Vetlug in the middle of summer, often in the heat of the day. It turns out that we were late son to the "top" fishing for bream. But there is always hope.

We unloaded by the river, drove the car to the side, away from the river and sin. Today they can be fined seriously. They decided to catch where the son and wife rested a week ago. Says, then peppers and a good sopa pecked. And they rested on a sand spit, which was exposed with a sharp decline in water.

It seems that we made a mistake then. We had to stay on the rather steep left bank, where our car was standing. But my son really liked that clean braid. And I decided to give in to him. Moreover, according to him, the fish were caught there. We pumped up a PVC boat, suspended the engine and booted. Things, as is usually the case, turned out to be almost a slide. They started the engine, and went downstream, to that very spit. The first unpleasant surprise was waiting for us already on the way to the scythe. Slingshots from fishing rods stuck along the edge of the coast. Apparently, some fish were actively caught here. But that was not the point. In the sand of the spit was full of all the garbage left by the mountain fishermen with pig instincts. The son said that when he and his wife left, the place was perfectly clean.

The second unpleasant surprise was that only a shallow sopa was taken all over the coast and at different depths. Only at night one scam caught. And in the morning we decided to move to the steep opposite shore. What they did at an early dawn.

But on the opposite bank, fishing at first was not good. I also started to take a sop, though larger and more active. And in the evening I took a somnoe on my branded feeder 3.9 m long, then scammers began to come across.

Casting fell on approximately 50-60 m and, apparently, there was a catchy edge. And my home-made donkey feeders, no matter how I tried, could not reach the edge of the casting. In the morning, another somnoe took a long feeder, scammers took it and caught about 1.5 kg of bream.

And it became clear - we needed different gear for different fishing conditions.