Pond in Yezhovo

Paid pond next to the convent. What kind of fish is found in the pond. What gear is better to catch. How to get there.

This paid pond is located in the ancient village of Yezhovo, Mari El Republic, where a nunnery is located, the white dome of which is visible from the pond. This is a fairly long body of water, since it also has a sleeve that extends to the side. Which is quite understandable. After all, all the ponds in this area are formed by dammed rivers or streams that had previously fled among the ravine shores. But the shores of this pond, although you cannot call it very gentle, are strong clay and overgrown with grass. In low water, you can sit with gear right next to the water, but in your ars ... chairs. Under normal spillway conditions and during normal summers, anglers usually sit on small cliffs with benches. To some extent, this, of course, is convenient, but in this position the fly-rod is at a certain angle of the tip to the water. If you put the rod in the flyer, it is better to immediately tie it with a strong cord to the peg, and it is better to always hold it in your hands, leaning on your knees, otherwise it is easy to stay without gear. Checked. Every season, carps pulled by carps of different categories and modifications are collected here.

Around the pond there are coppices on ravine shores and clearings. Oddly enough, in these coppices there are a lot of mushrooms, even when they are almost absent in the forests of the republic. However, the situation is changing from year to year. It all depends on the weather, air temperature and rain. But sometimes fishermen instead of fishing come here for mushrooms and return from coppices with full buckets of strong ruddy redheads and crispy black birch trees. Mushrooms grow almost in open places and in the wild rose hips, which makes their collection in such places not very pleasant.

In the pond there are: carp, crucian carp, roach, perch

All fish except carp are considered weedy here and they allow you to catch it for free, familiar, of course. Meanwhile, the so-called “weed” crucian carp reaches a decent size here, such that, like a carp, it pulls out rods from flyers, especially if the rod is fixed at an angle. The flywheel near the shore comes across smaller specimens than on a feeder about twenty meters from the shore, but more often. And these are excellent "frying" crucian carp. Such only fry.

What gear to catch ">

Powerful carp rods are commonly used. To feed the upcoming fishing spot, the so-called rocket feeders are used, which open in the right place from hitting the water. And as a nozzle, boilies on the hair are usually used. Catch, in fact, donks with massive sinkers. At night, carp is usually 7-10 kilograms. In the afternoon, there are instances of a little more modest. Even anglers from neighboring Chuvashia come to this pond to fish carp. So they know why they are going.

How to get to the pond in Yezhovo

Getting to the pond is easy. An asphalt road is laid to the pond. You need to leave Yoshkar-Ola along the Sernursky tract, drive about 18 km and turn right at the sign "Yezhovo". From the highway to the pond no more than 1 km.