April bream fishing

The article tells when bream fishing begins in the spring, in particular in April. How to determine the place of fishing. What gear are used for the April bream. How to properly feed a place. How does water temperature affect bream activity.

In mid-spring, in April, as soon as the water begins to warm up to feed, it goes to open areas of the bream reservoir. Immediately it is worth noting that it is important to know exactly where the bream feeds, since it will depend on this whether it will be possible to catch it. It is very difficult to determine the exact fishing location without special equipment, such as an echo sounder and a boat. Those who have the above equipment boldly go to rivers and large lakes and start searching for fish, but the other half of the fishermen, armed with fishing rods, go to the shore of a small lake and try their luck there. Note that on the lake, the bream of the bream, although not active, is stable, but it can be predicted. What is the reason for this?

The thing is that in a small pond the fish constantly chooses, adheres to certain areas of which the fisherman is aware. In addition, the advantage of pre-spawning bream fishing on a small lake lies in the fact that it can be caught stably for a long time. However, as noted, it all depends on how well the fishing spot is definitely defined. How to choose a place where the bream will feed in mid-spring? Sites for fishing should be selected based on the temperature of the water. The higher it is, the bream will fit into smaller areas. On the shallows and to the coastline, the bream is suitable only after the water warms up to a temperature above +15 degrees and this is important to know. Wait for favorable conditions for itself, the bream can be directly a meter from the shallow, standing on the edge or in the pits, where at this time sharp jumps in the temperature difference of water are no longer felt. Therefore, going to catch a bream in early April, it is necessary to look for places where there is a sharp difference in depths, it is here that there is a chance to find a pre-spawning bream, which awaits the warming of the water and access to the sandbank.

How to catch bream in April

For fishing bream in April, you can use a variety of gear, only before deciding on a specific option, it is important to familiarize yourself with the fishing conditions and the benefits that certain gears can provide.

So, a float fishing rod with blank equipment will be an excellent option for fishing in the summer, when the bream comes almost close to the coastline. For spring fishing, it is not very effective, since it is very difficult to cast the bait exactly to a distance of over 15 meters with it. Another thing is if the fishing rod is equipped with an inertia-free reel and will have a sliding mounting. Such a tackle will allow not only to accurately cast, but also to place the bait on the bottom surface, in front of the nose of the bream.

Having decided on the tackle, it is important to carry out its correct installation. Since fishing can be carried out at a distance of more than 15 meters from the coast, it is necessary to choose a float with ideal flying qualities. It is recommended to select models with one bottom mount and a load capacity of at least 9 grams. However, if fishing is carried out during a current or in strong winds, the weight can be increased. It is important to select models with internal reloading, which will minimize the used load installed on the main fishing line. As for the color shade of the float, you should give preference only to models of bright shades that are numb on the surface. Using a small amount of cargo allows the bait to head towards the fishing point after casting, slowly planning along a large arc.

Fishing should be carried out taking into account weather conditions. So, if the air temperature has dropped, that in April it is not uncommon to go to areas with greater depth, but as soon as it gets warmer you need to return to the edge of the edge. In order to know exactly at what depth at the moment you need to catch, you need to have a water tonometer, which will show the temperature of the water and help determine the depth. As soon as the water warms up to +10 degrees, the activity of the bream will increase, which will affect its bite only on the positive side, but provided that the weather is calm and sunny.

The fishing spot is recommended to be fed, but in small portions. It is important to use low-calorie bait, which should include the bait used. It is recommended to feed the place at least one day before fishing. The bait balls should be thrown exactly at the point of catch. It will be enough to drop into the water two balls the size of a tennis ball. It is important not to overfeed the bream, because in this case he will simply refuse the bait you are offering and may even leave the place of fishing.

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