Roach for special bait

Roach is that rare fish from the cyprinid family that cannot sleep on long winter days and nights. At the same time, many of her silvery relatives doze sluggishly in the wintering pits, and suffer from a complete lack of appetite. Therefore, roach is the main prey along with scavengers, ducks and perches during the winter season. Fishermen appreciate this beautiful fish and try to catch it. A roach can be quite large, but at the same time cautious and demanding on the subtlety of equipment. In roach fishing, the role of winter bait is very important, which is best used for a long time, at least four days. Then it will be a bait, and the fish will already be kept in this place constantly.

Unconventional bait

Starting from the first ice, roaches are intensely trying to catch all kinds of fishing rods and lures, since even the smallest roach is very in demand at this time. She is needed as live bait. But roach in the period of the first ice sometimes pecks very sluggishly and as if frightened. The way it is. At this time, predators are very active and they chase poor roach throughout the water area. And often a flock of roaches can be found in places that are not quite traditional for the beginning of the winter season - in the elders of small rivers. Here she is kept away from the mass hunts of a predator that occur on the edge of the channel pits and in the snags.

In the old woman, usually there is little predator and the white fish keeps here until the decomposition of plants begins, with which the old women densely overgrow in the summer. But often at the beginning of freezing, the plants are still green and often frozen into thin ice. It is worth clearing the snow in such a place, as often even transparent ice appears with green hornwort tassels. And you can catch roach right here, in a window among the grass. True, not in every old woman roach is kept and not in every river there are such features of this fish.

The reason for the success of roach fishing in the river old ladies is the use of not quite traditional bait, which is not sold in fishing shops, but is obtained by hand . Moreover, this process is not the easiest.

We are talking about the larvae of winged insects of two species, which are called burdock moth and Chernobyl. Externally, the larvae are similar, but live in different plants. The first is in cone cones, the second is in the stems of dark wormwood, Chernobyl. Burdock larva is extracted from the solid thickenings of the cone of the burdock, and the Chernobyl - by cutting the stems. But these larvae are very tender. Therefore, caution is required when removing them. Despite the resemblance, it is noted that roach bites at the Chernobyl more eagerly and often, although the burdock is a successful bait. Usually these larvae are planted on a small mormyshka to a bloodworm. This “sandwich” is often the most successful among other baits (for more details about roach on a mormyshka with bait, read here).

Artificial bait

There are bait, which, being artificial baits, quite accurately mimic natural larvae. This is an artificial maggot and bloodworm . These bait have a smell.

Why are they needed when you can just buy natural bait "> bream. One will not grab one or two larvae with an elastic band.

By planting artificial larvae to natural bait, you can create a unique sandwich where the smell of natural bloodworm will be mixed with the smell of artificial bait. This artificial bloodworm may be a kind of attractant, in addition, having the appearance of bloodworms. The same thing with maggot. He can sit down with a natural maggot, thereby creating a mixture of odors and prolonging the life of the bait brush. This will save time and money on buying live bait. It happens that fishermen forget the bait at home, not having time to put it in their pocket or just get it out of the refrigerator. And artificial bloodworms and maggots can always be kept in fishing supplies. But it should be remembered that such artificial baits should be stored in a dark and certainly cold place, otherwise they will quickly lose their smell .