Subtleties of spring carp fishing

The article tells how to prepare tackle for carp fishing in early spring. Where to look for him. How to choose the fishing line for fishing. How to prepare a place for fishing and what is important to consider when choosing and preparing a place for fishing carp.

Fishing in the spring is characterized by many features that are important to observe, since the final result will depend on this. Carp, as soon as ice melts in a pond, it begins to lead an active lifestyle. However, this does not mean that he will bite anywhere in the pond. It is important to know exactly where for the first spring days it will accumulate in the largest jambs. Carp loves warm water, which means that it will be located in areas where the depth does not exceed 1 meter, because here the water will warm up the fastest. If you go unnoticed to the bay, you can see how the carp stands, having buried in the coast, and basks in the sun. Therefore, going to catch carp in early spring, look for areas with shallow depth.

However, in order to catch carp in the spring, it is important to consider that the water is crystal clear and the fish can see everything happening around it well. This means taking care of personal disguise. In addition, it is important to take this into account when setting up the gear on which you plan to catch carp. To make the tackle as inconspicuous as possible, only on condition that the fluorocarbon fishing line will be used as the main fishing line. As a last resort, you can use a fishing line that has a coating using this material.

When choosing a fishing line, it is important to pay attention to such an indicator as the level of refraction. Note that you need to choose a fishing line with the lowest level of refraction. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the diameter of the fishing line, the smaller it is, the better, because it can remain completely invisible in the water column.

Choosing the right fishing line is not enough, it is also important to carefully choose the rest that will be used when installing the gear. So, special attention must be paid to the sinker. His choice should be made taking into account what color has the bottom at the place of fishing. In other words, the shade of the sinker should not stand out from the bottom. And the last one is the leash. It must be performed in such a way that in water it remains completely unnoticed. Note that the less doubt the carp has, the greater the likelihood that he will swallow the bait offered to him.

Now for personal disguise. If the carp sees on the shore an unfamiliar movement for him, he will immediately leave the place of fishing. It is recommended to choose only those places that have reeds overgrown on the shore, growing bushes and other things that can become a shelter. If there is no natural shelter in the selected place, you can install it yourself. To do this, reeds are cut, tied into small sheaves and installed on the edge of the coast.

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