Crucian in the fall

Some features of crucian carp fishing in the fall.

Oh, this crucian ... So much has already been written and told about him (and we have written more than once, see here) that it seems difficult to come up with and discover something new in this direction. Crucian carp is an interesting fish, both in terms of fishing, and in terms of physiology. Although I am a lover of spinning fishing, I never give up fishing for crucian carp. I especially like to catch crucian carp with ordinary fishing rods, but sometimes I have to use an elastic band, although I don't use this gear so often.

The main time for fishing for crucian carp (Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow region) falls on the spring-summer period. It was at this time, as I thought before, that you could catch a trophy specimen. But it turns out that crucian carp can also be perfectly caught in autumn, although autumn biting and fishing of crucian carp are fundamentally different from summer ones. All this is connected with physiology, so, if you wish, you can find these data and approach fishing with a “scientific” approach. By the way, if there is time, I recommend that you do fishing, as this approach disciplines the fisherman and allows you to truly enjoy fishing.

Conditions for successful autumn fishing for crucian carp

So, in order to catch crucian carp in autumn, several conditions must be met:

1. In stock you must have several types of gear (donka, fishing rod, nod, elastic)

2. You need to choose the right place, taking into account the time of day, temperature, depth of the reservoir

3. For crucian you must take with you several types of baits and baits

4. It is mandatory to use bait (in summer, crucian can be caught without bait)

5. The gear should be as thin as possible.

Crucian fall, where to look

In autumn, especially when cold days have come and the water temperature is approaching 15 degrees, most of the crucian carp slide into deeper places, therefore, one must look for the crucian at a depth. For example, the reservoir where I am fishing has a depth of 0.5-2.5 meters. In summer, crucian carp pecks best from 0.5-1 meters; in autumn, there is nothing to do at such depths.

If a light breeze blows in the morning from the night and a wave goes - for autumn crucian carp - this is a plus. In this case, the fish may come closer to the shore, and the turbidity raised by the wave disguises the fisherman.

Bait and bait with bait

It is advisable to feed crucian carp in the fall with balls mixed with fodder bloodworms, and it is better to catch it with combined nozzles and bait. For these purposes, I use a fishing rod with two hooks, plant different nozzles, experiment. It is not necessary to feed a specific point, but a specific area, and you need to strive to feed different depths. If in the summer crucian carp can be caught by 1 fishing rod, then in autumn it is preferable to have 2-3 rods.

Crucian fishing gear and process in autumn

The floats and the gear itself should be as sensitive and light as possible. That is why, sometimes it makes sense to set the floats without a sinker (the nozzle creates weight), or to correctly place the sinkers so that the crucian does not feel any effort when biting. Crucian pecks very carefully in the fall, without jerks and sudden movements, the float can twitch slightly, slowly go to the side, slightly bulge out of the water. Novice fishermen may not notice the autumn bite.

The use of leashes is mandatory, and you must strive to ensure that the hooks from the sinker are at a distance of at least 30 centimeters - the fish is careful in the fall and scared of everything.

In the fall, you always need to put the fishing rod on a stand, and if the float blows with the wind or the current, simply reduce the arc of the free line. If the crucian carp does not bite, donkeys are used - so, you need to try all the ways. In general, you need to strive to ensure that the tackle is close to winter: small hooks, thin fishing line (0.1-0.15 mm), a minimum of cargo, soft baits and bait (bloodworm). All the best to you.