An interesting way to bait

A fairly original way to feed the place.

I remember once fishing in one of the lakes, which are famous for their silver carp, scavenger and roach. I caught, like everything, all the fishing technique has already been worked out, but what I did not know, friends told me. Initially, we determined the place of fishing, measured the depth, in a special bowl, which my friend always had in the car, knead the bait (feed packages from the store, mixed with some water and earth, which we took right there, from the reservoir). And then, the bait process began - throwing balls into the water. Frankly, I do not have to deal with such a business so often, since I prefer active fishing with spinning, and all this gurgling and feeding the fish somehow confused me a little. It seems that I understand that everything is correct, but the excitement began to disappear.

As a result, I decided to go fishing elsewhere, away from my friends, while in a small bucket, I still poured part of the “mush”, just in case. And a case arose. As I walked to the place, I had the thought: “What if we make a small loop right at the hook and fasten a small bait ball into it?” It turns out that the bait will be delivered pointwise to the float, and the loop of thin fishing line does not scare away the fish so much. Of course, there is a higher risk of the formation of a "beard", but the idea itself inspired me so much that I decided to drive all doubts away.

For a couple of minutes I made a small loop over the hook, about 5-10 cm from the hook, rolled up a medium-sized ball (visually, no more than 1 cm in diameter), planted a worm and cast. The float first went deeper than it should, but after 5 minutes (the bait had dissolved), it took a normal position. The first bites began in 15-20 minutes. Everything pecked: both roach and crucian carp. And after an hour or two, the scammer was caught. Good bastard. After 4 hours of fishing, I pulled the cage out of the water; without exaggeration, its weight was 3-4 kg. my friends caught the same amount, but my fishing, it seems to me, was more interesting and classic.

By the way, the hook got tangled only once, so, in my opinion, this equipment is quite working.

By the way, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recipe for a simple but effective homemade feed bait feeder.

All the best to you.

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