Finding a burbot in the winter

Catching burbot itself is secretive fishing, since most of it is carried out at night, in the dark and often in snowstorms. I don't know why burbot fishing has always attracted me. Apparently, due to the mystery of the night and the rattling of the feeder bells on the scarlet flag of the zergel, standing on the ice of a river pit. And around - a snowy forest and only wolves howl in the burner ...

This time we didn’t gather specifically for the burbot, but wanted to spend the night on the ice, and not in the dugout on the island, by the warm stove. We thought, and to go fishing at night, which sometimes works out quite well. Moreover, in the afternoon in catchy places it is often simply impossible to catch calmly: noise, swearing, they drill, biting into the ice directly under the box to each other. And at night, sit at a well-fed hole, and drink tea, well, or something else ... all alone. However, the reason for such an overnight stay was that it was not already twenty years old and, having caught a day, for example, at Voronny Island on the Volga and spent the night in a dugout (which I talked about here), it was necessary to knead wet abyss again in the morning fishing, and this is four kilometers from the dugout. In addition, I wanted to put the girls on the night after catching pike and pike perch, and wait for the burbot to bite in real time, and not leave the gear for the night in an ice-covered position.


For this purpose, a winter tent was specially purchased. I had been planning to buy it for a long time, but usually all the fishing was daytime, and I had to watch the zerglovits sitting at the hole for catching white fish. And then they decided to experience the romance of night fishing.

The purchased tent was the so-called machine gun and had to be put into working position in a few seconds. So, in essence, it happened. But with the assembly it turned out worse. Having no information, we tormented and twisted the tent, first together, and then three, but the result was only that the arcs were slightly bent.

As they say, morning is wiser than the morning ... In the morning I looked on the Internet, watched a video on the topic, then went to the tent, which stands in the hall of the house, and gathered it with one movement of my hands. And even the arches after the next training camp were corrected. That's what it means to see once ...

A gas stove was also purchased, moreover, with a closed fire, which was served by a ceramic burner that covers the flames and red hot itself. In addition to cooking, she also warmed the tent.

Everything was postponed, but ...

In general, the fees were serious, but everything was postponed until the next time due to the “wedge” of the engine. And this is for a long time. While the car is in the car service, we decided with Dima to look for fish in our suburban river. I was especially interested in burbot from the ice. I have already caught several instances here, but all were tadpoles, in the tone of the river, narrow in some places up to fifteen meters wide. Meanwhile, large breams, chubs, ides and pikes came across the river in the summer.

We’ll search - we decided with our son and went in the morning to the pioneer camp - a place where children's voices rang in summer, and in winter gloomy fishermen sat on the river under the fence of the camp and caught roach, and often bream at night (by the way. I already described fishing for bream at night with ice, read here), which came out here and there in packs closer to spring ...

At the camp, roaches unexpectedly often and cheerfully pecked at bread and semolina. This happens with roaches during the ice season, especially during long thaws. Apparently, I also want variety in the diet, the red-eyed ... But at first they tried to catch it to no avail. Okay, I still guessed to roll the bread crumb and put it on the hook of the light donka. And it would have remained without bait.

By evening, they decided to put the girders and barges at the old woman, who in the form of a horseshoe came out with two sleeves into the river. Here in the fall I caught a pike on a spinning rod. They put gear with live bait, a cut lane and worms.

In the morning, I had to check the gear alone. The son was busy. I went to the place when the frosty morning was in full swing, I slept a bit. And the old woman had people, they caught a trifle, they put winter lanterns, but in the old woman herself, and not at the exit, where our gears stood.

Checking the girls and deliveries

On some of them sat burbots, but not large. And finally ... I just can’t raise the fish. I even had to get a hook and feel for them fish under the ice. No trophy burbot. But something came off, and without a help of a hook, a burbot crawled out of the hole, not trophy, of course, but under a kilogram of weight. And he rested so much because of the braid that entangled my tackle. Apparently, someone left with her a spoon at the bottom.

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