How did we fish in winter

Immediately after the flooding of the Cheboksary reservoir in winter, different fish were well caught in the Volga. This is a private story, built on personal experience.

Immediately after the formation of the Cheboksary reservoir, there were a lot of fish in the Volga. The flooded forest has not yet begun to rot, and under every bush sticking out of the water, a small patch and perch have always been caught. In the first years after the flooding of the territories for fishermen, there was a fabulous Klondike. Caught a lot. From the trees standing in the water, it was possible to determine the old riverbed and its channel, such as the Volozhka. It is now there an endless white plain and kilometers of uncharted river depths.

And in those years, fishing enthusiasts boldly strode along the ice in the direction of the previously marked landmarks - trees standing in the water. For five years I fished in the Otar Channel, where a kiln of dried oak stuck out of the water a kilometer from the water. He stood on top of an underwater hill. Around the tree, the depth was a little more than a meter and a trifle was perfectly caught here. Quickly yanking the plots, I put around the circle of the lapel, retreating a dozen meters from the tree. Here there was a difference of depths of seven to eight meters. Fishing was lucky. Even in the worst days, I did not catch less than two pikes in a day. And there were times when the women were starting to click one after another and the toothy beasts, covered with a hook, wriggled out onto the ice wriggling. Especially large did not fall, but pikes of four kilograms were not uncommon. And cliffs, occasionally, happened. Even a double fishing line of 0.5 mm, the fish had a bite after cutting. The fact is that I never put metal leashes, but just at the end I made a long loop and hooked a double hook onto a double fishing line. The loop in several places overlapped with knots. So the tackle became "softer", the metal leash, even made of "nichrome", is still somewhat rude compared to the fishing line. And a double hook fish swallows better than a tee.

By the way, occasionally and perch on my pike necklaces got

For all my life I remembered a striped handsome man weighing 2.5 kilograms, encroaching on a small ruff. The pike, which took live bait, as a rule, does not stand still. And the perch caught on the hook seemed to be thinking about leaving him after such an appetizer, or rest a little. I was perplexed, watching as the coil of the zergirl lazily unwound a dozen - another centimeters, again motionlessly froze. I hooked the pike when it went away, so to speak, on the go. There were times when the fish went away swiftly and the coil of the gergel spun like crazy. The main thing is to have time to run to the gear. Otherwise, it can interrupt. And here it winds up a bit and stands, winds up - and it stands. It was also thought that burbot could grab bait during the day. Carefully choosing, "felt" the fishing line and felt the fish. He hooked and took out a trophy perch. Handsome. Hefty as a bast shoe, I hadn’t caught such before.

I put a little brush on the zherlitsa, because there was no other live bait at hand. And after the capture of the perch, from time to time I clung the small ruffs to the hooks of the vents, but did not catch anything and threw this matter. Pike, it seems to me, nevertheless, a ruffe prefers a magpie, or, in extreme cases, a medium-sized perch. Now many people bring with them as bait fish small carp, bought at the store. It is, of course, convenient. But, on the other hand, such a crucian in the Volga, especially closer to the fairway, is somewhat alien. A carnival is still more attractive as a bait.

A ruff, of course, can be used as live bait. This is a favorite burbot treat. Staying for the night, I, crushing a little with my foot, hooked the brushes on the hooks of the vents and lowered them to the bottom. Zherlitsy fixed, while catching a burbot, excess fishing line can only harm, unwind and confuse in snags. Sometimes in the morning it was possible to pull out a burbot, or even two. I didn’t catch large ones, but 800 grams came across.

In the morning, he again changed live bait, planted sprigs and, setting up the girders in the usual way, continued fishing.

My biggest pike, caught in March on the Volga in the channel near the village of Udelnaya in the Yurinsky district of Mari El, weighed 9.5 kilograms. She did not crawl into the hole and had to drill another one nearby. There were no songs. He punched a partition between the holes with a hunting knife. Pleasure dubious, but had to. A friend held the fish with a hook. After a long fuss pulled out. During the day, the pike lying on the ice froze, became as hard as a wooden mallet, and climbed into the backpack only halfway. So I later carried it around the city, attracting the attention of passers-by. A pike tail stuck out over my head, like a totem sign of a wild Indian.

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But not only pikes interested us

Caught and other fish. On the first and last ice it was possible to observe a magnificent action - the men “drove” the scammer. The sight was marvelous. Usually closer to the fairway, fishermen suddenly began to pile up. There were more and more of them, from different sides, having thrown the Boers on their shoulders, new seekers were hurried to the crowd. The crowd grew and began to slowly move along the ice, following the leaving school of bream. From time to time, the most restless ran back from this crowd of people in search of a new fishing place. As soon as they found the fish, the crowd instantly began to shift in their direction. The lucky ones were flush with. And they all caught, caught ... Boxes quickly filled with fish. Anglers threw it on the ice. Near each freezing scammers jumped. It already did not look like fishing, but a serious harvest of water resources. Restrictions were then, it was forbidden to catch more than five kilograms at a time. And although the fines were incomparable with today’s, at the sight of the fisheries inspectors, the crowd began to hastily spread in different directions.

And great pleasure was fishing for Sintz.

Very beer fish. I always looked for him on the fairway of the river near the buoy, which was a guide. Sometimes the searches were successful. Sinets, like bream, do not walk alone. So, having caught a fish, you need to continue to search nearby. You will find a joint - you will be with a catch. Only there was no need to be greedy, because to the coast along the virgin snow, at least two kilometers. When you get there, you’ll get tired.

Once fishing excitement played a trick on me

It was November 17, was a working day. There were no anglers nearby on the ice. For a week, probably, it was already freezing and the Volga grabbed a strong ice. There was little snow and transparent ice in places frightened with black depths. As you imagine, under you ten meters of water - it becomes uncomfortable. But hunting is more than bondage. And youth is stupid, because the readiness to lose one’s life for a dozen of caught fish, except it is difficult to call idiocy. There was one justification - I am young, strong and agile. I’ll jump out of any ravine instantly, and on my neck I have two sharp pins on a twine, so that there’s something to catch on the ice, if that.

I walked carefully, probing the ice with a drill. This lesson is useless, you can check the ice strength, perhaps, only a good heavy foot. The drill is not suitable for this at all. But, by the way, that day the ice was strong and I safely reached the place near the beacon. I drilled several holes and immediately hit the blue. The bite was awesome. Flat fish, slightly larger than a palm, fit snugly into a metal fishing box. By dinner, he was full. But I did not manage to stop and, as if the devil pulled me at the rope, continued to pull one after another from the hole of the Sints. Stacked them in a bag. By two o'clock the nibble weakened. And I decided that enough for today. I figured it out and realized that it would be very difficult to drag the catch to the shore now, and tomorrow to return. I arrived for two days. I didn’t take Sanki, because I didn’t count on such a catch. And then in those years, an extra dozen kilograms did not frighten anyone. But in order not to strain in vain, I decided to leave the catch here, putting it in the beacon. There was something like a barrel. And he, with a backpack behind him, in which there were groceries, moved lightly to the shore. Near the water's edge were several construction trailers. In the summer, workers lived in them, they harvested wood here. And in winter, this housing was empty. On weekdays, there were not so many people, but on weekends the cars were packed to capacity. Sometimes, even there was nowhere to lie, men pushed around, casting lots to someone on the table, to whom to sleep under the table.

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In general, I spent the night without any problems and in the morning moved back to the beacon. And greed did not guide me, because the fish had already caught a lot. Just an eclipse happened in the head, because if you arrived for two days, you need to catch fish for two days. Do not sit stupidly on the shore waiting for a bus or a ride. Not for that I drove a hundred kilometers to the river. There is a bite - your happiness, catch it. I didn’t think about fish inspectors who could catch with such a catch. Not that in November, generally, on ice, and even on the fairway, it is dangerous to walk. And with such a load. After all, I get into a box of 15 kilograms of fish, and even a hefty package ...

I came to yesterday's place, cleared the catchy holes and, having planted a bundle of bloodworms on the mormyshka, lowered it, shaking it, waiting for a bite. But the bite did not happen. Done around new holes and took turns catching everything, diligently playing mormyshka. There were no bites on the descent or on the rise. The silence is dead. Even the ruffs did not fiddle with the bait. Closer to dinner, I'm tired of all this. I folded the drill, put the gear in the box, put the bag of fish in the backpack and, taking everything on myself, hobbled to the bus.

I must say, the Lord saved the fool

I have never failed and safely reached the shore. True, seven sweats came off me, and every two hundred meters I sat down to rest, opening my mouth, like a fish caught. There was no hurry. I waited a long time on the shore of the departure of the "fishing" bus. Then there were such special buses for fishermen from the bus station in Yoshkar-Ola that waited for them on the shore all day, and when it began to get dark, they were taken back to the city. Drivers often themselves caught fish off the coast, occasionally distracting to warm up the car.

Having penetrated the bus, whose doors were easy to open, I comfortably sat in the chair, ate sandwiches and drank coffee from a thermos. And dozed off. In a drowsiness before his eyes above the hole loomed a metal nod of a winter fishing rod.

Then the passengers came. The men groaned, showing each other catches and recalling the climax of the past day. Cursing, blowing their nose loudly, treating each other with food supplies. Having gathered in mugs, with pleasure, but without fanaticism, they drank in turn from the caps of thermoses, eating vodka with lard, bread and onions. They smoked "I will", filling the inside of the bus with a peasant spirit. The driver was not opposed, he himself smoked cigarettes one after another.

When the bus started, everyone was quiet. After a day in the fresh air, they warmed up and dozed, having pressed against each other or to the window. Only the company of the most persistent, having laid some random piece of plywood on two fishing boxes, played the “goat” with dirty shabby cards. The bus smoothly rolled along the highway, taking us from the banks of the Volga to the future, which came very soon, after some thirty years. And no one knew about it and did not try to resist it.