If you catch on mormyshka in the summer

Where can mormyshka be used in the summer and for what. Where to look for bait. What mormyshki to use.

It is generally accepted that fishing for mormyshka is inherent entirely in the winter period. And in fact, the way it is. Be that as it may, classic fishing on this bait is ice fishing. How many days and hours have been given to silent contemplative fishing from the ice, when the dull sun lies on the pink ice cover, a quiet snow falls, and in front of you is a black hole, on the edges of which, like gems, ice glistens. Here a mormyshka gurgles into the hole, sparkling for the last time, and then the nod is already settling, having risen slightly. This bait has reached the bottom. Some time passes and the nod comes to life. A little flinch, suddenly rises, freezes in a weightless position. This is a bite. So takes either a bream or a bream. It’s time! .. Cutting! .. And a lively persistent heaviness hangs on the fishing line, and soon the side of the weighty scrubber already silvers in the hole. It is a success! And the fisherman’s heart is quiet and joyful.

What is so unusual about this? - you say. Really. City homebody can not understand this. Only a initiate in the holy mystery of fishing can comprehend this joy.

Yes, but it's all about winter fishing. Where can mormyshka be used in the summer and for what?

First of all, the use of this bait is advisable when the float rod loses its obvious advantages. Namely, in the difficult time of the summer heat of mid-summer, when only the earliest dawn can bring at least some luck. Often even at least some successful fishing is possible only at night. Some fishermen specifically devote night time to fishing for bream, and some also to crucian carp. But as soon as the red eye of the young sun peeps out, the first glare of the dawn falls on the water, when everything calms down. It would seem that a good catchy place becomes lifeless. But what is it? Some movement can be seen among the egg capsules and the hornwort, a leaf of a water lily will swing, bubbles will pop up, a quiet splash will be heard. It turns out there is a fish? But how to get it? And here comes the time of winter mormyshka, which is now becoming a summer snap. If you are not too lazy, swim into the thick of the grass and pick up various living trifles from the lower leaves of the eggplant burlap, this will be an excellent bait for lazy and sleepy fish that stands in the hot season in the shade of vegetation and only floats to the surface to feed on bloodworms and other living creatures . If you lift a leaf of a water lily lying on warm water, then you can find rings of bloodworms, crustaceans, and larvae there.

Good. We found the bait. What's next ">

What mormyshki to use?

Mormyshka for summer fishing is better to use dull in color, but at the same time light, and in shape something like an elongated "sheepskin" will do. As bait, as already mentioned, we use various insects, bloodworms, small worms, maggot. Sometimes, by the way, the usual rye bread spool is the way to go. Especially often rescues the usual spools of bread in the hot season and where there is a lot of large roach.

By the way, bright mormyshka also helps out on deaf peat lakes with dark water.