Catching pike from ice on the ice

First-spring, to spinners at this time is the expanse. Which baubles are caught on the coastal site and in the grass. Gliders at the beginning of the season. Balancers, rattlins. Technique game bait.

Ice fishing holiday can be called the period of the first ice. At this time, predators, like hungry dogs, prowl through all the nooks and underwater skippers in search of prey - small fish. And she presses to the snags, hides in the grass and under the fuel. At times, it seems that the surrounding grassy still waters, where life was very teeming with, have now become extinct. In search of live bait, one has to leave for some old people and backwaters.

To spinners at this time the most expanse

Live bait is not needed, but the pike is actively grabbing artificial bait for at least two weeks after freezing . Then the bailers will be jealous of the zhelnikniks. The pike will become more careful and less interested in baits. Although an experienced angler will catch a pike on a spinner or other bait in the middle of winter.

First ice pike spinners

But back to the blessed time of the first ice. During this period, relatively narrow vertical spinners with a slight bend are mainly used. But if earlier such pike baits were supplied with a soldered single hook, then in our time the baits are equipped with hanging threes. And on the triplets there is still a plastic drop (you can also hang a shaggy hook, read how to make it). That is, the same lure immediately acquires two additional elements that tease the pike and cause an attack. The flexible tee pendant completely transforms the bait. The weight of such vertical spinners does not exceed 10 grams, but more massive baits are already used during the course. Their weight can reach up to 30 grams .

Gliders at the beginning of the season

To start the season, when pike fishing takes place so far at a short distance from the coast, the so-called "gliders" are characteristic. These are light relatively wide baits with a noticeably arched profile. They are reminiscent of summer wobbling spinners. Why do we need such bait ">

The classic level for throwing spinners up is considered to be a distance of 30-40 centimeters from the bottom. But sometimes a technique is used when the bait first “fumbles” at the bottom, raising the turbidity, then flies up, and then again falls to the bottom.

Coastal fishing

For pike fishing, at the very beginning of the season, a coastal area is often chosen with thick, grassy edges on the border of the pit. It is clear that, despite the prospect of such a place, you will need a bait that has a hook protection. Such protection has oscillating spinners, unhooked. In chapyzhniki it is better not to use the usual vertical spinners. Even if the bait is uncoupled by means of a release, but the noise will probably scare away the predator and fishing in this place will be lost.

Rattlins are often used in grass

Rattlins can create a wide and noisy game. The sound background is created by balls inside the bait. Ice wobblers are also used during this season. They are able to make even more distant departures to the side due to the displacement of the center of gravity. In a bad bite, such baits are more likely to cause an inactive predator to attack.


Balancers are also among the popular pike lures during the first ice. Most often, the famous Finnish bait Rapala is used. During this period of active fishing, their size can reach 11 cm .