On a lump of brown bread

On autumn fishing, spring and experiments with a nozzle, which can be useful at the end of the water season, are often remembered. So, that spring I discovered an excellent ide nozzle, although I knew it before, but did not use it for large fish.

So how was it

In the morning it pecked. Here is another bite. Having run up to the rod, I hook and bring to the surface a good scammer. Wow! Five hundred grams are in the fish. Not bad at the end of the season on Rutka. But then Donka gave a voice. These rods with small bells on flexible tops have been serving me for quite some time.

Now the top of the donkey jerked from sharp jerks. I am hunting out a small scammer. A worm was planted here. And on the hook of the feeder, I remember, I planted a reel of cool semolina as a test. The scavenger there was two times larger than this, which he took on the worm. I put semolina on the hook of the donkey.

Something early, the fish switched to flour and vegetable baits. Although ... It all depends, apparently, on the temperature of the water. Now, in comparison with air, the water seemed quite warm, almost in summer. Perhaps it’s time for the fish to adapt to summer conditions.

Cool was funny. Either the feeder or the donka were shaken from hitting the top and spring scammers resisted on the fishing line. I was already convinced that I was in my plan, thinking that I had come to the spring zhor of a bream, as the fish suddenly stopped taking it, quite ... banal, cut it off ... And this coincided with the rise of the morning sun on the teeth of light forest on the opposite bank. Classic! Only the classics are somehow strange, more suitable for the hot July.

When the sun rose and everything around became colored and bright, then even local shrines and humps began to peck sluggishly and rarely. That's it ... You can get home. And then in the pit hit the tail of a seasoned fish! Moreover, the surge was not far from the feeder. It looks like an ide or a chub. But the fish clearly fed on top. How to get it ">

And here, as if in response to my thoughts, a young guy with a usual float rod came down the path, moreover, the half-forgotten bamboo one, which can now be found, probably, only in the pantry of some uncle Vasya, who saw the dear Leonid Ilyich alive ... Who remembers, that was the name of Brezhnev.

The boy went a little further, stopped at a small whirlpool, where the water went round behind a fallen tree, threw his primitive tackle and squatted down. He did not have to wait long: a breaker spun on the surface of the pit, and a bright plastic float disappeared under water. On a fishing line came a kind of silver fish, casting in the sunshine and old gold. It was an ide and, judging by the golden ebb of the scales, rather large. And so it turned out. The boy calmly brought the fish to his feet and removed it from the hook. Putting the ide in a canvas bag hanging on its side, he again threw his bamboo fishing rod. A coarse and falsely brightly colored float from the set of a young fisherman lay directly on the surface of the pit, and a hook with some kind of nozzle or bait hung in the stream.

“The kettle was lucky for the first time, ” thought indulgently. - Not for cautious ide such tackle. Beginners are always lucky at first. ”

Just thought, and the kid was already pulling a second ide. But he came down, breaking off a rather thick fishing line, was it not “0.3” at first glance? The second ide was larger.

When the neighbor brought out another ide and put it in the bag, I could not stand it and went to the lucky fisherman.

- Hi colleague! Good luck!

- Thank. What about you?

- In the morning I caught a scammer, and then - as cut off.

- And you catch an ide.

- Yes, I already see that he takes the ide, but does not want to feeder from the bottom.

- No, he’s feeding on top right now and you don’t need to be smart. You plant black bread and that’s it. Enough, only the noise is worth it.

- Bread ?!

It turned out that the village boy had time to study the habits of the ide, which at this time takes better for bread and peas. And most often, the ide grabs a hook with a crumb of rye bread, and on top, in a stream above the pit. But usually in one place you can catch no more than two fishes, and then you need to look for a new place. Fishing running, interesting.

The rest of the day and evening I devoted to this ingenious fishing, re-equipping the donka with a fishing rod, and managed to catch several ides. In the morning, scammers again took semolina. The season on Rutka closed with dignity.