Fried roach in eggs

How to cook roach in eggs. Recipe - eat your fingers! How best to fry large and small roach.

Despite the fact that roach is not considered a delicious fish, if it is cooked correctly, you will eat your fingers! The main thing is that the fish was fresh, preferably not frozen, but just out of the water. Since roach is considered weedy, it often densely populates our rivers, ponds and lakes, the ability to cook it is important for a real fisherman. Women, as a rule, do not know how to cook neither fish nor meat.

How to cook large roach in eggs

This is a very tasty dish, but, of course, roach must be in solid condition. At least about three hundred grams in weight. The meat is better separated from the bones, because the bones are larger. But this is not a mandatory norm and instruction. Medium-sized roach is also deliciously delicious, which in the North and in some places of the Volga region is called a maggot. But here you will need a slightly different cooking technology than with large roach-roach. But let's start with the big fish.

So, first you need to clean the scales and gut the fish. It is often easier to make with a knife, but it is better to use a special fish scaler or grater. When frying, you don’t need to separate the heads, which is a prerequisite for cooking roach fish soup, otherwise the broth will be bitter, as if crushed bile. But if the roasted roach is stewed with the addition of water, then it is better to remove the heads.

After the carcasses are ready, they should be lightly sprinkled with fine salt and roll in flour or semolina. Manka is probably preferable. It better protects the fish from burning and gives the fish a special taste. Before the fish is salted and crumbled in semolina, it can be sprinkled with lemon juice. It will also give a special taste and tenderness to fish.

In order for the oil to penetrate better into the meat of the fish during frying and make it more tender and oily, carcasses can be incised with a sharp knife. Oil will also enter these notches.

Then the pan is put on fire and vegetable oil is generously poured into it. If the pan is cast-iron, which happens to positively affect the taste and gives a particular aroma to the product, then it should first be calcined without oil, then reduce the heat and carefully add oil, then put the fish in the pan. Various teflon-coated pans are also heated before frying, but always with the addition of oil. And the heating temperature can be much lower than with a cast-iron frying pan.

The fish is fried over medium heat until a brown crust appears on both sides, and then onion rings are added to the pan. And the onion should be browned. And then you can already add raw eggs. They can first be shaken in a container with a spoon or whipped with a blender. Fans of fried eggs can gently pour two or three eggs on the fish.

Soon, a delicious, delicious roast in your eggs will be ready.

How to fry small roach in eggs

For the preparation of medium-sized roasted roach, it is better to fry it to the state of dry seeds, frying over medium heat and constantly turning from side to side. After prolonged frying for twenty minutes or more, the bones of the fish usually become soft and brittle. And then you can fill the fish with eggs or eat in the form of crisp brushwood with beer.