In search of river zander on a cliff of clay

The end of May in our area is marked by the end of the ban on amateur fishing in rivers. This period is considered very successful in catching zander. The annual opening of the "summer" season I spend on the Donets. The river in the area of ​​my fishing has a width of about 300 meters, the maximum channel depth is 7-8 meters.

From the side of the steeper, right bank, the depth is greater, so I give preference to shore fishing in this coast.

From fishing experience of past years it is known that pike perch likes to go astray under clay cliffs, where muddy water attracts fry. This determines the choice of fishing location.

I prefer light and ultralight, and since the place of fishing is a river, I use light Major Craft Trapara 2.29 m tall with a test of 3-15 grams. I will start with Keitech Swing Impact two-inch bait on a five-gram load-head “Cheburashka”. I start shelling the sector and almost immediately get a strong blow on the drag. When posting, it becomes clear that this is not zander. The first perch swallowed the bait in half.

A couple of casts and another hungry sailor attacks the edible.

Repeated casts lead to bites of hungry small fishes. Nibble is not bad, but I did not come for them. I move along the coast to the next clay cliff. It starts to unpleasantly drizzle a light rain. To cut a trifle, I put the Lacidjon 2.9-inch Tioga, proven over the years, in the color Pa19.

Casting into the horizon and almost under the shore is a clear blow. Perch again. This swallowed the excessively large for him tioga completely.

From this point small sailors peck in the deepthroat.

I move along the coast, mastering sector by sector, methodically sorting out the casting angles, changing color to lime chartreuse, and now it is the first one. A small but so long-awaited little lump has encroached on my bait.

Posting at an angle of about thirty degrees to the edge of the water and the pike perch, which stands not far from the shore, timidly pokes into the bait. The kid is released, I decide to rest against a point, so as not to run into a new flock of annoying perch. Fortunately, the rain stopped. After an hour and a half, four medium zander and one good perch are already sitting on the kukan. You can get home.

On the way to the car, I once again decide for myself that zander should be sought, even at the risk of a complete span. You should not be content with small things, otherwise you would have stayed with a perch. I wish you good luck searching, NNCH.

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