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Once I already wrote about some features of amateur eel fishing. And again, I want to give some advice to the fishermen who decided to go fishing for this fish. The thing is that in some fishing shops you can hear enough of such stories regarding eel fishing, that you wonder where they come from. So, just recently, one of the sellers advised the buyer, so as a result of the conversation, such an amount of gear was obtained that you can safely go on vacation for another 2-3 days to another city in the Russian Federation and live in a middle-class hotel. Of course, I understand that the fishing business is a business, but you need to think about ordinary fishermen who want to get pleasure from fishing, recharge with positive emotions, and if you are lucky, catch the fish.

So, the most important thing that a beginner fishing for eel should understand: it is easy to catch an eel, it is much more difficult to hold it in your hands, as they say. First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the site of the alleged fishing in the afternoon, so that at night (and eel is caught in 90% of cases at night) accidentally do not get into the hole or fall into the water. Second, eel gear does not differ in any kind of refinement. Most often, this is a fishing line of 0.3 mm., Large hooks (I use single, but you can also put tees, doubles. The sinker can be anything, especially if fishing goes to the donkeys (tips for donkeys). The rod should be tough to withstand Here the situation is the same as with burbot, with the only difference being that while fishing for eel, the fisherman still follows the bite, which means a bell or other devices based on the sound effect are suitable as an indicator. eel goes on a float at night. the simple thing is: you need to catch from the bottom, and fireflies are put on the fireflies to visualize the bite. You only need to hook them when the float begins to sink or abruptly go away. As for the leashes, this is the situation: I don’t use them, and in some cases I tie a piece of kapron thread to the main fishing line, as the eel deeply swallows the tackle and sometimes efforts must be made to remove it.Therefore, when fishing for eel, you need to have a stock of leashes, or hooks, as there may be breaks. You need to catch eel quickly so that the fish does not get caught in driftwood. Otherwise, the victory will not be yours. Now the important point: when the eel is already on the shore, do not rush to release it from the hook, as you simply will not take fish with your bare hands. The eel wriggles, glides and, having fallen in grass or on sand, quietly creeps out into a reservoir. Therefore, you should have either a special rough glove, or you need to have a cloth with you, which this fish is kept. Often you just have to cut the leash and fasten a new one to continue fishing, since it is sometimes not so simple to free the eel from the hook - there will be more fuss than sense.

There are several different ways of fishing for eel, but I use two: for donkey and float tackle (about float tackle), bait in both cases is a worm. The float method is interesting in that you can see how the fish pecks (many fishermen put bells on the donkeys and get 50% of the bite information by sound) - this is interesting, because you can see how the float with the firefly installed begins to slowly display the bite. By the way, sometimes a worm also takes a pike perch at night, so your emotions are guaranteed.

A few words about the place of fishing. I catch eel in places where the depths drop, near snags, stones, debris, where there are shallows and a scythe. Roughly speaking, you can meet this fish in a variety of areas. Often, eel feeds near aquatic vegetation, where the depth is 0.5-1.5 meters. In a word, you need to look for this fish in each particular pond.

As you can see, catching an eel is not as difficult as many say. Yes, and gear are not distinguished by something special. The main thing is patience and fishing time (from 22.23.00 to 03-05 hours), then you will succeed. Good luck to you.

I can also advise you to catch eel with the old grandfather method. Which "> Read here.

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