Bream in late spring

The most productive period of bream fishing. We catch on the Volga and small rivers. What gear do they catch him on?

Late spring and early summer can be called the most productive period for bream fishing. Usually, the beginning of his zhor after spawning was determined by the flowering of rose hips, although now many folk signs have stopped working. But on the other hand, the beginning of the bream’s bite is easy to determine in our time according to reports on local fishing forums. This is also a sign of a new time.

We catch the bream on the Volga from the boat

If we talk about fishing from a boat on the Volga, which is usually the most productive, and the largest breams are found, then in our area the opening of summer fishing, when you can go out on a boat, is timed to June 10th. But these terms must be clarified in the local fish protection, so as not to fall under penalties. And the fines under the new fishing law have grown significantly and can amount to 2-5 thousand rubles. And if you catch forbidden gear during the spawning period, then all 300 thousand rubles can amount to a fine.

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It is necessary to leave the boat not on June 10, but on the next day. I remember that impatient fishermen in Kokshaysk more than once fell into the clutches of the fish inspection, which specially went hunting on June 10th. True, then the fines were more symbolic, and more often everything cost a bottle of vodka, moreover, drunk with the offender. It was easier times. Then the term of the spawning ban was changed. The ban began on April 25 and ended on June 15. Now we have again returned to the deadline for the spawning period, but on the other hand, we cut the time for spring fishing by the beginning of the ban on April 10. All this is necessary for the fisherman to specify in his region of Russia.

Opening summer fishing is always a real celebration

Already in the evening, boat engines rumble in the backwaters, roar at full throttle, and subside. Someone is already passing at low speed along the backwash, not yet going to the Volga - they will test the engine, which stood in the garage-box for the winter. Piles are ringing somewhere, jokes and laughter are heard, and in some places - songs.

A variety of gears are used for fishing from a boat

Someone catches in the old fashioned way on ordinary onboard donkey fishing rods. This is a short fishing rod with a wire reel, on which a 0.3 mm thick fishing line is wound. At the end of the main line there is a sinker weighing about 50-100 grams in weight, depending on where the fishing will take place, on the left or right bank. The left bank has a weaker current, the depth is less, the fish usually takes worse than the right bank, where large breams, ides, and carp come across at great depths and strong currents. But sometimes, on the left bank in shallow water, the fish takes no worse than on the opposite bank. And in addition to bream with ides, large roach, silver bream, and blue bream come across. Sometimes they even peck large silver crucian carp, apparently one of those that climb the Malaya and Bolshaya Kokshaga rivers to our city every spring every year.

Some anglers themselves cast sinkers, and in the form of a kind of ingots, similar to the base of a chess piece - a pawn. Such a sinker stably stands at the bottom. Above the sinker, a long meter leash is attached, sometimes even reaching one and a half meters. The bite signaling device is a spring from an army cap, at the end of which a bright ball and a bell or bell of a feeder are attached. The bait is stuffed into the feeder from the net, which is lowered overboard upstream.

More advanced donkeys with a feeder on the main fishing line. In fact, this is an onboard feeder. Previously used homemade feeders. They were called "Chuvash." Now apply feeder feeders.

The most catching tackle - “ringing”

This is a snap connected to the cord of a very heavy bucket feeder with a lead ring, which serves as a sliding sinker and at the same time a lock connecting the cord and fishing line. Sinking down the cord to the feeder, the ring keeps the leashes with hooks and bait always in the stream of bait. But this gear only works correctly in strong currents. As the current weakens, the leashes begin to sweep over the feeder and cord. Therefore, it is necessary to have in stock, in addition to the "ringing", on-board donks or the usual short feeder.

On small rivers, bream sometimes goes already in the middle and end of May

And unlike fishing from a boat that is prohibited at this time, you can fish here, donkeys and a feeder, of course, only from the shore and gear with no more than two hooks. Therefore, in the course of bream, a couple of feeders can be used here. They are quite enough to take the soul for fishing.