The use of combined lures in spinning fishing

The article talks about the use of combined lures in spinning fishing. What combinations are better to use, what installation methods should be used. This and not only is said in this article.

Combined lures are rarely used by anglers in spinning fishing. This is partly due to the fact that most manufacturers focus on the classic types of lures. But each of the spinners, wobblers, soft fish has its own advantages and disadvantages. And combined models combine the best qualities of several species, affecting all the senses of the predator. As a result, even a passive fish instinctively attacks such a bait.

But sometimes disadvantages are combined. For example, increasing the size of the bait may reduce the catch of small or passive fish.


Turntables are on sale with both a regular tee and a front sight for additional attractiveness. It is more difficult to bring the bait with the front sight to the operating mode, but on the other hand, it allows you to slow down the turntable and perform step and jerk wiring. All this improves the predator's bite. For a sandy bottom, it is better to use spinners with a front sight of a dark color, and when fishing on peat ponds, it is preferable to use white flies. For independent production of flies, long and stiff feathers of a rooster or chicken, hare, fox, etc. are suitable.

The advantage of using a front sight will be the possibility of using an attractant.

Turntables can also be combined with silicone baits and foam fish.

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Oscillating baubles

Oscillators themselves catch fish well, but various combinations expand their range of application. Flies and silicone fish mounted on a hook are suitable as a complement to the baubles. Such combinations expand the range of application of female whales by increasing the irritating effect on predatory fish.

Sometimes the petal of a pinwheel helps to increase the catchability of the vibration. Such combinations work great at different stages of wiring.

Soft bait

Standard jig baits can have an active or passive game. The first option includes twisters and vibro-tails, and foam rubber and polyurethane fish are considered passive baits. Activity foam rubber and polyurethane fish can add turntable petals, various flies and attractants.

The use of attractants

The effect of the use of attractants is best observed in the summer, when odors quickly spread in warm water. It is especially effective to use odorous additives when fishing for zander and perch.

Using wobblers

The main drawback of wobblers is the hardness of the body of the bait. And the fish sometimes explores the wobbler with its closed mouth. Combinations of plastic wobbler with silicone or with metal work well. Using a twister or pinwheel blade instead of a tee has a positive effect on the number of bites. Wobblers with a petal from the turntable in front of the bait show a good result at shallow depths.

Tandem turntables and oscillators

Catchy combined lures are tandems of turntables and oscillators. The combination of castmaster long throw and petal rotation increases the number of bites. Sometimes it is better to spread two baits at a distance of 20-40 cm from each other. Perch will be pecking at the turntable in front, and the pike will often attack the sheaf coming from behind.

The number of combined lures can be many. It is necessary to show the fisherman only ingenuity and a creative approach to business. And then there will be a lot of fish in the catch.

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