Trout in winter

Trout fishing, both in winter and in summer, is always fascinating and represents a duel with a strong, stubborn and fighting to the end fish, which is also very beautiful. Trout is a real predator, like all salmon. The same and persistent in fighting, especially if the fish is large. Probably, it is more dangerous for gear than pike and zander of the same size. Broken whips and torn fishing line are not uncommon when catching large trout in winter. Therefore, they try to make rigging durable. To catch trout in winter on spinners and balancers, winter multiplier reels mounted on strong rods are quite often used. Trout, like other fish, is caught on all baits, including mormyshka. We’ll start with her.

Fishing for trout

Catching trout for mormyshka differs from classical fishing mainly in additional types of bait, often exotic in the form of slices of squid, shrimp. Edible rubber, smelling of shrimp, crayfish and something similar, is also widely used in fishing for mormyshka. Usually these are the lures of the species: nymph, cancer, the so-called Hogi Hog. Outwardly, these baits resemble some small crustaceans more often of a reddish color, having many tentacles, tails and claws moving when the bait moves, which have an additional game, except for the movements of the mormyshka. These baits are mounted on golden mormyshki , slightly flattened, of medium size . Too small mormyshki simply will not play. There are no special differences in the game of jigsaw. Everything is like catching perches and other predatory fish: the same vibrations with different speeds and amplitudes, ascents, fishing in different horizons.

Strong fishing rods with a short handle and an open reel with a diameter of 50 mm are used for fishing with mormyshka, for example, Salmo fishing rods. Such fishing rods are combined with long nods that respond well to the weakest bite. The advantage of such winter fishing rods is that the fishing line does not overlap in the reel, and the large volume of the reel allows you to quickly deliver the bait to the desired water level and just as quickly unwind the fishing line. In addition, there is a reliable key-type brake, which also makes the fishing rod operation more reliable and convenient.

Trout in winter on spinners

Most often, for fishing trout in winter on vertical spinners, fairly wide and large baits with a large tee are used. It is clear that we are talking about catching large trout. If you use small baits with small tees, then empty grabs, pokes and gatherings are simply inevitable. White lures of a dull silver color are most suitable, but sometimes yellow baits work well. The Lucky John spinners are most efficiently used.

The technique of playing the lure is not much different from fishing on any predatory fish. The same bait ups with a pause below about 5-6 seconds. Another thing is that fishing here begins for the most part not from the bottom, but immediately from the upper horizons, where trout is often kept in winter. If there were no grip there, then the bait is lowered below. And so - to the bottom, until a catchy level is found.

Just as in the fishing of zander and bersh (we wrote about them here), animal bait in the form of squid cutting is often planted on spinners. And this sometimes gives the best result.

Balance Fishing

As in fishing for spinners, for catching large trout in winter, quite large balancers of 7-9 cm are required. Despite the success of the Mebaru lures from the same Lucky John company, traditionally balanced balancers with single hooks at the edges and a central tee are often better. If the trout in a pond is small, then balance weights of about 6 cm are suitable. Sometimes success is achieved by balancers of the “ butterfly ” type, the distinguishing feature of which are spreading wings when lowering the bait, and folding on the rise.

Large trout, strong, uncompromising, often takes on artificial baits, and therefore the fishing line is set quite thick, with a diameter of 0.25-0.3 mm . And here it is very important that the fishing line is the most inconspicuous, and fluorocarbon fishing line has such advantages. Multi-colored species of woods do not set, and even more so - a woven cord.

The game of the balancer consists, as usual, in the form of short throws up. But, as in fishing for spinners, it is better to start fishing from the upper levels in the water column.