Perch is a worthy prey

Lures for perch in winter. Fishing tactics. Time sluggish cool. There is no bite on artificial bait - what to catch?

No, it seems, is more famous and living in all reservoirs of fish than perch perch. However, this fish can be quite large. At least, humpbacks more than two kilograms in weight are still found on some forest lakes. And on the Volga, one and a half kilogram perches are not uncommon. So, this is a completely worthy opponent and just delicious fish on the table of the fisherman and his family.

Another advantage of perch can be called the fact that at the beginning of the season, on the first ice, this is the most active fish, which most often falls on the hooks of fishermen in winter fishing.

First, let's focus on perch spinners.

The so-called “vertical” spinners are used in two versions: with a hook fixedly soldered and being a single, and with triples suspended freely from the spinner. The latter are now more common. Most often, these are small baits about three to five centimeters long. The most successful for the first year are planning spinners, as the most active and making large swims away from the vertical line. In the middle of winter, with their wide, aggressive game, they can rather scare the fish. And in the dead of this period, narrow lures, which are simply called "cloves, " are more suitable.

Rapalovskie balancers are known throughout the fishing fraternity. The most popular can be called "Rapala" 7 cm long. For large, greedy and active perch, these are the most acceptable balancers. But when the fish is inactive and sluggish, then most likely, small Kuusam baits of 5 cm or the same Rapala, but already smaller in size - from 3 to 5 centimeters, can be useful. Both those and others are recognized as universal for small perches and seasoned humpbacks.

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The first ice usually begins with the shallowest and quietest places

And here the smallest balancers and the same miniature gliding spinners should be used. Well, with the establishment of more reliable ice, called “ice”, when the fish begins to move to deeper places, comes the turn of heavy bottom spinners, where an additional hook is suspended in the “tail” of the bait, and larger balancers up to seven centimeters long.

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In tactical terms, in order for the perch to go to the hole, first it is better to use balancers

They have a very wide game in the horizontal plane, noticeable for fish from a great distance. This attracts a flock of perch to the place of fishing. Then it is more practical to catch on a spinner, which has a slight deviation to the side and swim along a horizontal path. And, therefore, fishing will be the most prey, since time will not be spent on the famous balancing zigzags and the G8. And, of course, the fish is removed from the spinner hook much faster than immediately from all tees of the balancer. And with balancers this happens quite often, especially during active biting.

In a later period, it is better to use heavier and less active baits on deep holes and eyebrows, for example, bottom spinners

Small movements cause the bait to raise the tail with a hook, sway and bother at the bottom, raising dregs. And often the intrigued fish simply can not resist the grip. We must check who it is: a wounded fish that fell to the bottom of a fish or crawls crawling out of a hole "> Fishing

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