What to catch rattan in winter

Rotan is one of the most unusual and gluttonous fish. They magnify it with a small head, somewhere they call it a grass, apparently for its predisposition to stick in the grass and the so-called "frogs" among snags, grass and twigs. In addition to the fact that rattan will surely survive any fish by corny eating it and offspring together with caviar, he eats his relatives and literally himself, falling even on pieces of his meat.

So it was once, when a frosted rotan lay at the hole, showing no signs of life, and was hit by a felt boot, from which it fell into the hole. Before this, a piece of meat was cut from a back for bait at a rotan. Some time passed, and after a bite on the ice a fish jumped with a triangle cut out on its back ... Legends also circulate about its vitality. Rotan survives even in puddles where oil and gasoline flow from storage. Being frozen, thawing, the rotan calmly returns to life. Here he is, a rotan-head.

This is quite a worthy fish for winter fishing for fishing rods and even for ventricles, moreover, rotans willingly take their own brothers - rotans are a little less than themselves.

Catching rattan on mormyshka

Despite their gluttony, rotan, however, are quite cautious and do not always peck recklessly at anything and everything. Therefore, the fishing of these Amur bull-calves, and they are just from those places, should be approached quite seriously, since this fish is also quite large. At the dam of the Volga reservoir, where water leaks out and puddles-marshes form, I had to catch kilograms of rotan on a spinner . In addition, rotan is a delicious fish. It makes excellent meatballs and you can cook the ear, as from perches. And cooked by hot smoking, rotan is very tasty, especially if the fish is large.

For fishing rotan winter fishing rods of any kind are used, but usually the same tackle is used as for perch, and these are balalaika rods . It is not necessary to set perches for quick play here. Rothan is caught, rather, on a smooth game with ups and downs. Only sometimes at the time of the highest activity on the first and last ice does he recklessly throw himself at a fast-playing mormyshka.

Mormyshki used small. Sometimes a rotan takes better on light baits with a mirror, and on a sunny day bites should be followed by dark mormyshki. It is advisable to set the line not thick, within reasonable limits, with a diameter of 0.12 mm.

Worms, bloodworms serve as bait, but usually rotan bites better on fat with streaks of meat . He will not refuse the meat of his relatives.

Spinner catching a rattan

The rotan fishing gear is the same as that used for perch, without changing anything. It can be open reel fishing rods and a rigid nod-guard. Spinners are also used perch with a freely suspended tee. But unlike perch, rattan is almost not caught in “naked” spoon-bait. Something needs to be hooked. In reservoirs near the Volga, where rotan is found, it can also be a fresh sprat, which will also be used for catching bersh and zander (as I wrote about this here). But most often, a rattan willingly takes a spoon with a planted piece of fat.

The technique of the game is dipping, that is, short tosses of the bait with a pause at the reset, during which a smooth play of the bait is made with a nod. It is often at this active pause that a bite of a rotan follows.

Winter girders

The device of a winter lantern on a rotan can be any, but it is better if the equipment is put thinner than on a pike, removing, in addition, a metal leash. The teeth of the rotan are, but small and at one time will not perish the line. But with a metal leash, the grip will be less. However, you can put very thin and flexible leashes made of material that is sold in bays. Probably, levar or titanium is used as a lead material .

For catching rattan on winter ventricles, springs with flags can be equipped with feeder bells. Then, besides the visual effect, when you see the flag that has risen, it will also be heard, which is very important for night fishing.

Any small fish are used for bait fish, but sometimes large individuals are best taken on small rotans.

In addition to the vents, where a stand with a coil, a spring and a flag glued on it is mounted on the stand, ice vents and even summer flyers are quite successfully used .

Live bait is caught through the gills. So there are no empty grabs and gatherings of a predator. Necklaces are usually planted near snags and thickets of grass, at least where it was in the fall.