An ide in the spring on a fishing rod

Why is an ide sometimes very eager to grab cubes of white bread? Catching ide with "wild" tackle on bread. In late spring, and this is the second half of May, ide can already be caught on plant tips. However, sometimes this fish takes on bread even in early spring, when it begins to rise to the upper tributaries. And the secret nozzle is a cube of white bread. One thing is not clear. After all, an ide, like other fish that wants to replenish their vitality by spawning, should most likely lean more on high-calorie animal bait, which includes a worm, a larva of a bark beetle, and maggot. Why is he sometimes very eager to grab cubes of white wheat bread? If it were summer, then everything is clear. During this period, the majority of the inhabitants of the underwater world from the cyprinid family switch to a vegetarian diet. There is a suspicion that ides grab white bread, obeying the instinct of predatory fish. Something flickering bright, maybe small? And the first reaction is the attack!

That would be so. But one case that occurred on the forest river Rutka made it clear that ides peck at the plant and bread nozzles in the spring quite consciously. It was during the May holidays, it seems, after the Victory Day, that is, the tenth of May. At this time, roach-roach is usually already in the upper reaches of the small tributaries of the Volga and spawns. The ide has passed before it, has rolled or is still sliding down to the places of its permanent deployment, so to speak. And if we talk about Rutka, a tributary of the Volga, then in summer it is just a small forest river, more like a stream (description of the Rutka river). In the spring, after the passage of the main characters - ide and sorogi, Rutka is almost lifeless. Sometimes small roach pecks, perches, ruffles come across, outlaws come out, but already closer to summer. That is, the local fish is not yet active, and it is not so much here, local. And the checkpoint has already passed. It turns out that there is nothing to do here at this time. In general, as I thought on the first day of my stay on Rutka, I was about to leave home in the morning. True, in the early morning of the next day there was one fishing joy, but short. When in the east only a narrow strip of dawn was visible, almost invisible, dull, bites of quite good scammers suddenly started on fishing rods. And all due to the fact that in the evening, as an experiment, I put lumps of cool semolina onto the hooks. And now the bells of the donok rang almost constantly from the bites of the scavengers. But as soon as the sun appeared from behind the edge of the forest, the biting stopped, suddenly, as it began.

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And then the endless, like rubber, hours of full bezlev were stretched. Nothing at all. Even ruffs and perches have disappeared somewhere, not to mention the “white” fish. Everything seems to me nothing shines here anymore, we have to get home. Well, even in the morning, the soul was pleased with the bites of the scammers, otherwise there would be nothing to remember.

The guy with the wild gear

Just started to take up gear, when I saw a kid approaching me along the shore. So he got up with a fishing rod at the pit, where I already threw donks and did not catch anything. The kid’s gear was, of course, wild. Okay, a fiberglass rod, a telescope, but you can even see from the side that the fishing line on the reel is clearly not thinner than 0.3 millimeters in diameter. "Crocodiles or something hunting">

When the guy and I started talking, it turned out that he was constantly catching ides on a lump of rye bread at that time, and above it over the pit.