About match fishing in detail

Match rig loading. What not to do in match fishing. Features match rods. Coils for the match. Differences and marking match woods. Match floats. The popularity of match fishing.

Why do you need a match fishing rod when there is a flywheel?

Fly fishing rod - proven and successful tackle. It accounts for the bulk of the caught fish. She is brilliantly simple and catchy in coastal shallow waters and backwaters, where often large fish also stand. But sometimes the coastal part of the reservoir is overgrown with hornwort and water lilies to such an extent that there is simply nowhere to throw a fishing rod. Or the depth near the shore does not allow hoping for a bite of large fish, which will never reach the shallowing shallows near the fisherman, no matter how he disguises himself. Meanwhile, behind a strip of coastal grass and shallow water, it can be seen that further the water acquires a tempting blue, indicating that the depth begins behind the grass. It is here that there is a brow, a slope into the pit, where circles on the water and bursts of a fair tail are visible. Do not drop a nozzle here with a fly rod. Long casting that Bologna or match tackle is capable of can help here.

Let's dwell on match fishing

Outwardly, it might look like this ... Casting ... A long float took off above the water for a load of "olive", and lay on the water about twenty meters from the shore, blushing with an antenna. The top of the rod - in the water to melt the fishing line, a little on itself - with a reel, and now the scarlet antenna, swaying, slanting into the depths ... Sweeping! On the fishing line rests and flickers in the depths of living silver. And then, in the landing net, a large shrub-red feather fights and sleepily opens its mouth. A lot of them there, red-eyed, accumulated on a slope in the pit, immediately behind the hornwort strip. Not seeing and not hearing the fisherman, the fish takes eagerly and confidently.

Match catching has recently become very popular.

It is also called English, but I remember that the so-called running equipment was in service with our fishermen since ancient times. Of course, the tackle was simpler: a bamboo rod with flow rings or a spinning rod, the Nevskaya inertia coil or the first Orions, sliding home-made floats. Long casting with a float was practiced along with prototypes of a feeder and a picker. Everything was already ... Another thing is that then running equipment was called everything that had a coil and rings, and allowed to throw the nozzle at least beyond fifteen meters. In modern match fishing, special rods, inertialess match reels and Wagler floats with additional loading are used. Sinking fishing line is also used, which has a slightly higher density compared to conventional monofilament fishing line. A fisherman with a match of modern gear, having the correct system, is now able to cast further 25-30 meters. Unless, of course, he has skills and owns a casting technique that is different from spinning.

Match fishing rods also have their own characteristics.

The most common are considered to be rods 13-14 feet long, where the units are taken in accordance with the name of fishing - "English". If you translate into generally accepted sizes, then the length of the running match fishing rods will be 3.9-4.2 meters. Shorter ones are used less often. A five-meter rods are used by fishermen-athletes, which allows them to make ultra-long casts, which are only possible with a float. But all these rods, both short and long, consist of three sections.

Another feature of match rods is the frequent arrangement of access rings. Usually their number along with the tulip is equal to the length of the rod, if you count in feet. But sometimes there are more rings. A 14-foot rod with 16 rings can serve as an example of this.

Match rods are equipped mainly with helical reel seat holders.

If we talk about the structure and test of match rods, they are designed for running equipment with a total weight of about 20-25 grams. Heavier rigs weighing 35 grams are used more often by athletes using longer rods.

Match reel

The main difference between the coils used in the match lies in a shallow spool, designed for winding thin fishing line. It is necessary that the line is flush with the edges of the spool, and casting is carried out without difficulty. And in order to avoid the winding of excess fishing line, which will require quite a lot, a lining made of elastic material is fixed on the spool. This little trick allows you to reel only the right amount of a rather expensive fishing line.

Another feature of match fishing reels is the large diameter of the spool, which in the match are 45-46 mm on the sides. On a small diameter bobbin, the fishing line can become deformed and become like a spring. Long and accurate casting with such fishing line will fail.

Due to the fact that match coils are made of durable and lightweight plastic, they are also lightweight, while having sufficient strength. Therefore, probably, reels for the match are also used in other types of fishing, for example, in Bologna equipment. It is better if the friction brake is at the rear. This allows you to adjust it directly while playing fish.

Some models of match coils with a gear ratio of 6.0: 1-7.5: 1 are made specifically for sport fishing, where high-speed reeling is required. Such reels are quite expensive and amateur fishermen manage with match reels with more modest technical characteristics of the order –5.0: 1-5.5: 1, because their quiet and contemplative fishing does not endure haste and fuss.

Match fishing line

As already mentioned, the main difference between match forests is their ability to sink. This is due to such qualities of the fishing line as density and weight, which are slightly higher when compared with conventional monofilny fishing lines based on nylon. But due to the acquired ability to sink in the water, the fishing line for the match lost in strength. With equal diameters, the match fishing line will yield in tensile strength to the traditional mono-fishing line.

How match line is marked

Match fishing line is marked on the packaging with the inscription "sinking", indicating that the fishing line is designed specifically for this fishing. Domestic fishermen, as always resourceful, learned to degrease ordinary fishing line and thereby heat it, at least in the first stage of fishing. And for such purposes, various cleaning products from the arsenal of housewives are used, for example, the famous “Ferry” advertisement.

Why the fishing line is dark ">

Unlike transparent monofilaments for fishing with a flywheel or Bologna fishing rod, the fishing line for match fishing has a dark color . This is necessary so that marker marks are clearly visible on it, since the tackle involves distant accurate casts in the same feeding place. And it is best to mark the desired casting length with a marker. A thin fishing line, pinched in the clip of the reel, can not withstand the jerk and then there is a risk of losing a good float, besides not the cheapest.

And now about the floats ...

The game uses floats that have a built-in constant or variable load. Permanent loading can only be supplemented by weights on a snap. The weight of the floats remains unchanged. Variable weight floats have screw mounts for additional washers or containers for fillers, for example, for shots. Both washers and fillers serve one purpose - to increase the weight of the float and casting distance.

Match Float Antenna

Another important component of a match float is an antenna, which can be quite long. And the total length of match floats with an antenna and plumage is about 30-35 cm, and sometimes up to half a meter. The center of gravity shifted to the bottom, the teardrop shape, the swept plumage of some floats - all serve for a good flight and casting distance. These aerodynamic qualities are also inherent in match floats, as well as aircraft.

Float Mounts

In match fishing, there are two types of fastening of the float, which also determine the concept of fishing for each case. With a deaf mount, fishing is possible in places where the depth is less than the length of the rod. The sliding fastening of the float at one point allows you to fish at a variety of depths, but this equipment is not as sensitive as in the first case and less manageable.

Fastening of the floats is carried out using special fasteners of Italian brands: Trabucco, Stonfo, Milo. For soft equipment soft cambrices are used. Sliding floats are attached with stainless sleeves that move freely along the fishing line. The bushings are connected to the fasteners, which eliminates twisting of the fishing line and overwhelming. As a limiter, in which the sliding float should abut against a predetermined depth, stop assemblies or silicone stops with beads are used.

There is nothing special about match rigs

To catch fish living in the middle and upper layers of water, a set of sinkers sinks closer to the hook. For bottom fish, which willingly takes on a slowly falling nozzle, the cargo rises closer to the float. But for long casts, “olive” -type sinkers may be required and, of course, swivels must be present in the snap-in.

In match fishing you can not do without special slingshots and catapults for casting bait

Too far from the fisherman is sometimes a catchy point. In the spring, when the rivers are not yet on the banks, only by distant casting you can reach the fish "trail" and get on the course of spring fish. Moreover, if the feeder succeeds in catching during the morning and evening, then on a sunny day the tip of the feeder can remain motionless for hours. The fish stands in the warm shallow waters, preparing for the evening move. Here match float tackle is also useful, thrown into the gaps among the willow bushes, where water is quietly circling and splashes of fish are heard. Aim, shoot from a slingshot with a ball of "Sport Fishing" at the intended point ... But here comes the first confident bite ... The match was equally successful in the summer. Catching with match gear continues until late fall, only bloodworms are more often used as attachments at this time.