Day of one "fish" place

Perch, pike perch and pike caught from one place! Fishing Report.

Any spinning player knows that in this type of fishing it is impossible to effectively catch without moving along the shore. There is nothing to stick out at one point, you need to move - this is the slogan of coastal spinning. But, as you know, there are exceptions to any rule. It is this exception that happened to me. At the end of my vacation, I went to the river. In the morning it was pouring rain, so we could not get out in the early morning. As soon as the weather calmed down, I set off. The car had to be left near the village so as not to get stuck on a forest road after rain. Fears were in vain, the road turned out to be quite bearable. Armed with a bag, putting on a vest and preparing a spinning, I moved to the pond.


Since the place was unfamiliar, I made several test casts to find out the topography and structure of the bottom. It turned out that the grass had already begun to rise at the bottom, the load periodically hung, without tapping the bottom. To increase the permeability of the bait, I decided to catch a jig rig. A five-gram load and lime two-inch tsunikichi worm began a fishing day.

Initially, the installation was done directly on the cord, but there were no bites, and I, deciding that the predator was careful, switched to fluorocarbon with a diameter of 0.20 mm. There was practically no wind, the current was very weak. In range casting was good, about 45-50 meters. Since the bottom was unevenly overgrown, the wiring was inconsistent. On departure, there was a tapping, and near the shore the load fell into the grass. There were no clear eyebrows or rifts.

The first bite occurred at a long distance, in a place where the load tapped loudly on pebbles. It was a pretty good perch.

A few more pecked him. These were smaller. I decided to enlarge and switched to 2.5 inch thioga in the color 085 on the eccentric load head.

Due to the change of cargo, the castings were not so distant. On a pause after the next cast, the bait suddenly rested. It was a characteristic grip clamp. Sweeping and pleasant weight loaded rod. By fighting, you immediately feel that zander is coming. This handsome man put his fish under his chin and put a hook on top.

The next hour was devoted to attempts to catch even one more pike perch, but the attempts were in vain. Occasionally, a perch attacked the bait. Already desperate, I decided to change the point, when suddenly not far from the shore when I was reeling the bait from the grass, I felt a blow and a cut. There can be no doubt - this is a pike. I don’t have a favorite pike of relaxation, I choose the largest and most “red” of all available bubble gum pink lures from Perch'ik.

I put on a double with a seven-gram cheburashka. Fluorocarbon has nothing to replace, you have to take risks. I start posting along the reeds, and again I get a blow with a cut. I change the installation to jig-rig, and edible to thioga watermelon. Close casts along the coastline, quick detonations without the possibility of a cargo falling into the grass, and finally, a hit with a successful cut. A small pike completes fishing.

The catch is not particularly large, but fishing was quite active.

Half a day fishing when periodically breaking rain brought about three kilograms of fish. Moreover, different species of predatory fish are caught from one place, which is not at all characteristic. The reason for this phenomenon is not clear to me, but it was interesting. This once again confirms that there are no rules without exceptions. NNCH.

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