Fishing in Rostov

Rostov fishing is a very interesting and fascinating affair, only those who have visited Rostov fishing at least once know what it is about. Fishing in Rostov is a subject of hobby for many residents of the city who devote a lot of time to this hobby.

What can be compared with the quiet dawn on the picturesque bank of the Don, when a bright disk of the sun appears in the twilight sky, a splash of fish playing in the water and the quack of a duck swimming with a brood of ducklings. Fishing is not just a vacation for some people. This is more than what they give a lot of free time to, even catching fish in a pond, often they let it go back. Basically, sports fishing enthusiasts do this, of which there are a great many in Rostov.

Fishing in Rostov is not always pleasure and relaxation, it mainly refers to sport fishing, where, as in any sport, you need to give all your best and make the best effort and ability to show a decent result. On the banks of the Don and other bodies of water in Rostov, sport fishing competitions take place regularly.

An interesting and modern type of sport fishing today is feeder fishing. A feeder is a type of long rod, whose homeland is Britain. Feeder lovers use powerful feeder rods equipped with a thin and very sensitive “tip” - this is what the top part is called in the feeder. As a rule, such vertices are painted in bright colors, indicating their level of rigidity. Depending on the fishing conditions, they can be replaced by an athlete. An important feature of the feeder is the use of a special sinker, which also performs the function of a feeder. Equipment with leashes is thrown over a large distance from the coast, and all thanks to the weight of the feeder-feeder. Of course, for most fishermen, feeder fishing is a rather difficult task, and so far the feeder is mainly used by professionals.

For many experienced and novice fishermen, paid fishing in Rostov offers attractive prospects. For experienced anglers, a trip ticket purchased for paid fishing in Rostov offers excellent opportunities to get a trophy specimen, which is difficult to catch in free reservoirs, or the type of fish that interests the fisherman is simply not there. For example, catching grayling or trout is unlikely to be possible in non-specialized reservoirs of Rostov. And in many paid lakes or ponds it is quite possible.

For novice fishermen, catching a good catch on paid reservoirs is much easier, and you can also rent gear here and get good advice on the habits of a particular type of fish. Thus, having gained enough experience, a novice fisherman will then be able to use it on free ponds.

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