Features bait for zander

Where most often they catch zander in the summer. Bait for fishing. Differences between edible and inedible silicone. Pike perch on a summer night.

Sudak is an inhabitant of full-flowing rivers with deep holes, a strong current and a hard bottom. It would seem that this axiom is undeniable and tested over the years. But with the construction of a cascade of Volga dams, the ecosystem began to change, and with it some habits of pike perch. For example, above the Cheboksary hydroelectric station, in place of flooded forests, where snags formed at the bottom, zander can now be found at depths of no more than three and a half meters.

Where the most caught zander

Fishing for pike perch for spinning most often happens in traditional places, on classic pit edges, where the prickly predator still pleases anglers with their bites. But in the summer, tackle should be thinner and smaller in comparison with spring and autumn lures, fishing lines, hooks. At this time, the pike perch had already managed to fatten, became suspicious and legible. But much attention should be paid to the quality of the hook on any bait during this period, since even with a strong hook, sometimes with a second one, it is not always possible to cut through the mouth with luck, especially if the sting gets into the hard part of the throat of a pike perch.

Edible Rubber Jig Lures

The most common are jig soft baits mounted on a jig head. But now ordinary silicone begins to gradually give way to edible silicone, saturated with flavors, sometimes with the smell of shrimp, cancer, or simply soaked in salt. For some reason, predators like the taste of brackish bait. In addition, such baits are heavier than twisters, vibro-tails, Hogie Hog, edible rubber crayfish, which in some cases can do without loading the bait, mounting it on an offset hook and throwing it into shallow water. And such fishing for pike perch is very successful in the summer heat, when pike perch leaves at night on shallow sand spits. But here, night fishing can be successful provided that the shallow water borders on a nearby channel pit.

Differences between edible and inedible silicone

A very important difference and advantage of edible rubber over ordinary silicone is that the predator, after a miss, will not give up new attacks on the bait, because it already tasted it. And, most likely, sooner or later he will hook, attacking again and again some edible twister or Long John.

Often, the effectiveness of Manns type silicone baits is associated with their bright and varied colors. A well-known company produces silicone of very attractive mother-of-pearl, green in sequins, carrot and many other colors, to which both pike perch and bersh actively react. And often these baits look too large for pike perch. If you deploy them, for example, a twister, then the bait can reach even twelve centimeters long. And this is summer. Nevertheless, the fanged one freely takes such a bait and sits on a hook. Also with vibro-tails and various edible silicone worms

But you can not write off the proven foam rubber bait

Small foam rubber, not more than five centimeters long, can be very popular in certain conditions, as they have a special and nimble game, moreover, being motionless and working only under the pressure of the current. At the same time, they have the ability to play additionally when a flat lentil sinker is used. After falling onto the rib, the sinker begins to fall to the bottom already with the entire plane. In this case, the bait makes a circular motion on a pause. Sometimes on this modest and short game the grip of a zander follows. He has a weakness for all kinds of strange movements and turbidity at the bottom, apparently taking the movements of this “something” for crustaceans or underwater creatures serving him as food along with small fish.

Diving Wobblers

Often luck is brought by diving wobblers, which have a long shoulder blade and can dive to a depth of more than three meters. No twitching is required. The bait is fused downstream, and then comes back against the current, playing and plunging into the depths. Spinner bates also work successfully. Only the petal is needed smaller than for catching pike, and as a silicone bait it is better to put a small twister.

Pike perch on a summer night

On summer night fishing, out of competition, narrow oscillating spinners, as well as long spinning spinners, that is, with a long petal. It is here that they have the time and place. In the night you can often hear the battle of zander, which went into shallow water. Often in the middle of summer, only night fishing with vibrations and turntables can be successful. During the day, the zander will most likely refuse any lures.