Perch - mormyshka or baubles

Since I am often asked this question, I decided to give a short answer to it.

As they say, write once, and answer immediately to everyone. And the question is: “What is better to catch perch in winter: on mormyshka or on winter bait, balancer?”. As a rule, beginners ask similar questions and there is nothing wrong with that. Worse. When a novice angler does not ask questions at all and constantly makes the same mistake, which leads to complete disappointment in fishing. Answering this question, we can say that there is no universal bait for catching perch. And this applies not only to winter fishing, but to the summer period. The thing is, depending on a number of conditions. Perch prefers one bait, then another. Meanwhile, it is generally accepted that mormyshka is a more universal bait, and having learned to fish for it, the fisherman creates for himself a kind of “guarantor” of what remains with the fish. On the other hand, on the first and last ice, many fishermen practice spinner fishing - there is an explanation for this. During this period, the water is saturated with oxygen, the fish is active and the fishermen try to catch the most active trophy specimens, although incidents also occur. So, there are frequent cases of fishing for perch spinners up to 4-5 centimeters in size, when from a depth the spinner eagerly attacks the perch in the little finger, and it is actually detected. Nevertheless, during the period of active biting, the spinner allows you to some extent cut off the trifle, not to waste time fussing with bait, but simply to actively catch. In addition, it is much more convenient to explore the pond with the lure - in one and the same time you can walk through more promising places and get primary information.

Mormyshka is good for sluggish nibble, when each tail is offset. Mormyshka can lure a perch, provoke him to attack. At times, only mammary tackle allows you to see the bite. In principle, a fisherman should own a mormyshka. And lure. At the same time, on the first ice it is better to use the lure, combining it with mormyshka. In the middle of winter, mormyshka clearly shows the best results, and in spring, mormyshka, after which it is spinner.

In my practice of fishing perch, I use the strategy of luring perch to the place. To do this, first for thirty minutes I play a lure in 3-5 holes, after which I throw mormyshka into these holes and fish for the “shake”. I like this thing, and I'm not complaining.

From the foregoing, there is only one conclusion: there is no better tackle for a winter perch, and mormyshka and perch spinners perfectly catch a striped predator, just every bait, has its own time.

All the best to you.

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