Lures and places for pike fishing in February

What lures to choose for pike fishing in February, when the activity of predators is increasing every day?

In February, during warm thaws, pike increasingly go out to channel spits near the fairway and often already in shallow waters near the islands. Sometimes it happens to catch a pike almost under the ice, where the depth is not more than a meter. Such pike out aground can only be explained by the increase in its activity and the expansion of hunting areas for small fish. And that means that the time has come to tackle winter fishing rods with spinners and other artificial baits.

If a pike grabs live bait in shallow water, this does not always mean that it can also be caught on spinners at a depth of one and a half meters. For fishing on artificial baits, the most suitable depth is 3-4 meters, especially on a slope into a deeper hole. Depending on the weather and pressure, the pike often lacks spinners and balancers in the pit itself.

During this period, the usual vertical narrow spinners, on which the pike was well caught on the first ice, are now unlikely to show high performance, especially those in which a single hook is firmly soldered. And the bottom spinners, which worked perfectly during the “dead end” period due to the stingy game that does not scare away the sluggish predator, are now also not relevant.

So what baits to choose for this period, when the activity of predators intensifies every day ">

The same company owns the development of modern spinners, universally working for chub and asp in the summer, and in winter - for pike perch and pike. Such spinners in particular include Paco brand lures.


Among the balancers did not lose the popularity of Rapala bait. The most common of them are balancers 7-11 cm long. If in the “dead end” 5 cm baits were more universal, closer to spring pike it is better to offer large balancers.

Also popular are the catchers of the Salmov balance. This is Jackie John. Salmo's vibrant and wide-ranging lures are very attractive to both perch and pike. Balancers Lucky John have a very bright game and are universal for different fishing conditions and species of fish.

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Game and colors of lures

Despite the fact that the pike is not very demanding on the nature of the game of the bait, and comes across a rather primitive imitation of the movements of the fish, nevertheless, it clearly distinguishes between coloring and coloring of the bait. And the most successful bait will most likely be one that has a natural color and the coloring of a small fish, which is the main feed of pike in this reservoir.