How to pickle pike caviar

Quick and easy. One way to pickle pike caviar.

There are many methods for salting caviar

Someone passes it through a meat grinder, and then cooks and throws it back onto a fine mesh to make the glass liquid. Salt with oil and seasonings. Some craftsmen add garlic. But this is not salted, but boiled caviar is obtained. And in a meat grinder, undoubtedly, the eggs break, and then you can’t choose pieces of the tongue from this mass.

I do not wash pike caviar, do not scald and do not cook. I took it very carefully from a freshly caught pike, put it in a glass jar, not clearing the pails, but simply cutting them with a knife along. I repeat, the fish must be very fresh. Came from fishing - prepared caviar. Do not put off until tomorrow.

You definitely need a mechanical hand mixer. Electric breaks eggs and spoils caviar. You can, of course, manually beat with a spiral, but it is long and more laborious. It is better to use a jar such that the nozzles of the mixer (whisk for beating eggs) reach almost to the bottom. Usually, liter or two liter ones are suitable for this, depending on the length of the nozzles. If the whole caviar does not fit, you can process it in several passes, and then mix it.

So, we put caviar in a jar and slowly turn the mixer, drowning the nozzles in the caviar. You don’t need to hurry especially so as not to damage the eggs. Gradually, the films of the oysters begin to wrap around the corollas of the nozzles. When a dense lump forms, we raise the mixer and carefully remove the eggs from the eggs with two fingers, squeezing them into a jar. Throw away the films. It happens that such an operation has to be done several times until the caviar is completely freed from the remnants of the oysters.

Seeing that the pike caviar is clean, add salt. This, of course, is a matter of taste, but remember that under-salted caviar can quickly go bad. A tablespoon of salt (with a slide) per liter of caviar is not the worst option. You can a little more. But, I repeat: tastes are different. Someone loves very salty, someone - not.

Salt, re-beat the eggs with a mixer, slightly increasing speed until foam appears. After that, close the jar with a lid and put it in the refrigerator for five days to salting. Foam will soon settle, the eggs will draw in salt, the caviar will become drier.

All. Pike caviar is ready! Making sandwiches for breakfast

We spread the bread first with butter, then caviar. You can use pancakes - then butter is not needed. A cup of coffee will help you cope with this hand-made delicacy that smells of fresh river freshness.

Well, if you have secret fears that some parasites may remain in salted caviar - cook it, strain, season with garlic butter and other seasonings. You can even treat it slightly with potassium permanganate before cooking, after consulting with a local therapist and a doctor from the sanitary and epidemiological station. And enjoy your meal.

And for many years I ate just delicious salted caviar and is still alive. Maybe I was just lucky "> Vladimir Chistopolov for