Sprats from bleak caught in the fall

Autumn bleak is much more tender and fat than spring. Sprats from it are obtained, just a fairy tale! A simple recipe for cooking.

Sprats made by hand from a simple Russian fish bleak are not inferior in taste to the famous Baltic canned food, which uses European or Baltic sprats, as well as sprats. In addition, home-made sprats will not cause a scandal with the discovery of any foreign objects in the product or it is unclear what kind of fish, which unscrupulous manufacturers sometimes slip on to reduce the cost of sprat production. If the fisherman cooks for himself and for his family, then the quality of the product, of course, is guaranteed, unless, of course, you know how to cook homemade sprats from bleak. This fish is very oily, tasty and tender, especially in the fall. Although spring is the most prey period in catching bait, the bait caught in the fall is much more tender and fatter. To catch bleak, float tackle with the smallest hooks on a thin fishing line is used.

This brisk silver fish is often found in our catches in a predominant amount, especially in the spring. Bleeding at this time is the most greedy and active, despite the weather, unless it is a prolonged weather with rains and snow. Therefore, its catches from experienced anglers are often calculated in hundreds of pieces. Athletes are most distinguished here, since this fish is also an object of sport fishing. But in the fall, this fish is often caught one after another. The main thing is that the day be quiet, warm and sunny. Bleeding enters massively on such a day on the surface of the river.

Homemade fish recipes are quite simple. The recipe for home-made sprats that I use, and without using any recipes from cookbooks, is also not particularly complicated. The finished product is very tasty, although not very similar to factory canned food.

The most unpleasant and tedious process in preparing home-made sprats is the cleaning and gutting of many small fish. But it pays off a hundredfold when you hear praise and compliments addressed to you after the sprats appear on the festive table. The bleak scales are removed very easily if the fish is fresh. Sometimes just swipe your fingers over the carcass. But gutting is long and boring. Therefore, it is better to do this at the kitchen TV.

After the fish is gutted, it must be salted. Bleeding quickly absorbs salt. It will take no more than half an hour. Then the fish should be washed and generously blotted with a swab of liquid smoke. As already mentioned in my early culinary articles, high-quality liquid smoke obtained by sublimation from natural smoke is cleaner and safer than that fragrant, but carcinogenic from alder sawdust. Liquid smoke is filtered and purified. Moreover, the difference in taste is almost imperceptible. But lovers of the classical smoking method can do this sprat cooking operation in a portable or home smokehouse. The sticking is not required to be smoked for a long time, forty minutes are enough. When using liquid smoke, fish are cooked in the oven for the same 40 minutes. But if you want the carcasses to be dark golden in color, then it is better to keep the fish in the oven for an hour at minimum heat.

Sprats will be ready after 1-2 hours of processing them in a pressure cooker. To do this, put the fish in a pressure cooker, pour water and put on fire until it boils, when it is possible to remove the foam. But at the same time it is necessary to ensure that there is little water. Typically, the water level should be below the fish level somewhere within 3 centimeters, maybe even more. This is necessary so that after full readiness the sprat of water in the pressure cooker does not remain at all. She must boil away.

After the water in the pressure cooker boils and the foam is removed, you need to add vegetable or olive oil. And there is no need to save. After full readiness, the fish should only be in oil, without the presence of water. Oil is poured in an amount that depends on the amount of fish. If you use scales, then a couple of kilograms of fish needs 300 milliliters of oil, and more can be.

So, sprats are ready. It remains only to pour a glass of cold vodka and try home sprats, if it is evening time. In the morning, sprats are good in sandwiches for coffee.

Bon Appetit!